Welcome to an exciting points-earning feature within the SHR VIP Garage! With SHR Winner Picks, you'll get to choose the top 3 drivers that you think will win the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race each week and earn tons of bonus points based on your choices. For complete rules and information, view our Rules & FAQ further down the page.

Make Your Picks For Daytona 500!

Picking for Daytona 500 ends Feb 20, 2016 @ 12:00 midnight.

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2nd Place Driver:
3rd Place Driver: 

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Official Rules

SHR Winner Picks is a game playable as a member of the Stewart-Haas Racing VIP Garage. Each week, you can choose the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishers of the upcoming NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race. Picks can be changed throughout the week, but will be locked in by midnight before the day of the race. After the race once official results are posted, points are awarded to members based on accuracy to the actual finish results from the race. Once points are awarded, you can make your picks for the next week's race.

Points are awarded as follows:
Category A (what is this?)

- Get all 3 correct: 100 Points
- Get 1st and 2nd correct: 50 Points
- Get 1st correct: 30 Points
Category B (what is this?)

- Get 3 correct picks, but out of order in any way: 50 Points
- Get 2 correct picks, but out of order in any way: 25 Points
- Get 1 correct pick, but not in the right place: 10 Points
- Any VIP Garage member that makes picks is automatically awarded 1 bonus point, even if their picks are wrong
- If Tony, Danica, Kevin OR Kurt are in the top 3, all playing members get an additional 5 points.
Picks Leaderboard (Top 100)

- The driver I want to choose is not in the list. Why?
We may or may not be able to offer all drivers for each week.
- When are points awarded?
Points will be awarded based on NASCAR.com's release of the "Official" results. This is usually on Tuesday mornings following the race.
- When are points awarded when there's a race delay?
Points will be awarded based on NASCAR.com's release of the "Official" results. This is usually a couple of days after the delayed event.

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