The VIP Garage was created to give Stewart-Haas Racing fans a chance to express their support for SHR and earn special access to exclusive content. In the 2016 season, members will have the opportunity to win great prizes.

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Before we go through the process of explaining The VIP Garage, the most important thing to remember is that it is FREE! SHR wanted to give something back to their fans. What better way than to have a special area just for fans that's entirely free!

All of that said, here's the rundown for The VIP Garage...

The main goal in The VIP Garage is to earn points. Your points are your reputation. The higher your points, the better your rep is to fellow Fan Members. If someone has more points than you, give them a little respect, they've earned them!

So how do you earn points?
Good question!
The best way is to just sign up. Upon signup, you're awarded 180 points. Be sure to pick a good username for yourself when you sign up. That's what everyone will see when they view your points score compared to theirs.

You can earn 5 bonus points daily just by logging into your account.

As a VIP Garage member, you're automatically signed up to receive our newsletter, giving you the chance to earn even more points. Links within newsletters give 10 bonus points each!

Keep an eye out for secret Easter eggs on They randomly appear, and if clicked on, will get you 30 points!

How do I know how many points I have?
You can view your points at the bottom left of, or log in to your VIP Garage profile to view your points and other profile information. You can also see how you stack up against other fan members. The icons next to each member give you a quick idea of how many points any given member has. Here's a full breakdown of the icons...

100-199 points

200-224 points

225-374 points

375-599 points

600-849 points

850-1199 points

1200-1699 points

1700-2299 points

2300-2999 points

3000-3999 points

What happens if you break 3999 points? Don't worry, we'll have more icons ready for you! You can view a larger version of your points icon in your user profile. Remember, your points are your rep. Earn as many as you can!

What are points good for?
Points are tracked for an end of season grand prize, as well as a monthly autographed prize to one lucky winner (randomly drawn).

Close to the end of the season, we'll reset points for the top 1000 fans in a chase-style format giving them all a shot at the grand prize (to be determined). The winner will be chosen in November from the top 25 point scorers for the season. Points start over at the beginning of each season (season runs February to November of each year).

Anything else I should know?
Well, let's say you're not the competitive type, but you are a Stewart-Haas Racing Fan. No problem! By creating a user profile, you'll receive exclusive news and earn points for downloads, but most of all, you'll have access to the SHR VIP Garage forums! That's right, each user has a place to post and receive comments. Without a doubt you'll make some friends along the way, you can save them in your Buddy List. And don't forget, each month you'll be in the running for a great prize!

Everyone's waiting for you! Sign up now for The VIP Garage !!


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