I try to log in with the username and password I signed up with, but I can't get in…what gives?
When you first register for the VIP Garage program, you are sent a confirmation email that has a link you must click on to confirm your email within our site.

If you never received this confirmation email, chances are that it was blocked as spam by your email server.

Click on this link to confirm your email address if you never received your confirmation email.

Is it possible to change my password?
Click on the “ Site Admin ” tab under the MyVIP dropdown. Once inside the garage, under the “ Personal Info ” tab in the left hand column, click “ Password ”, and you can change your info there.

I can't remember my password…is there a way to retrieve it?

Click on this link to retrieve your password.

I've signed up for the newsletter, but never received it. Why not?
When you sign up for the newsletter, you are sent an email confirmation to confirm that you did indeed wish to receive email from this site.

If you never received that email, it is very likely that it has been blocked as spam by your email server.

If you did receive your confirmation email, and are still not receiving your newsletter, it may be going into your spam box, or being blocked by your email sever.

I signed up and received your newsletter, but I have changed my email address. How do I get the newsletter sent to my new email address?

It's very simple…go into your Site Admin and change it!

When does the newsletter go out?
There is no set schedule as to how often a newsletter will be mailed.

How do I receive points?
Click on this link and read the “Reaching the Goal” section for all the information on earning points. The trivia game also allows you to earn one point for each set of five trivia questions you answer correctly. More features will be added to allow you to earn even more extra points.

I feel like I should have received points when I didn't.

Perhaps you feel that you should have earned points because you thought you logged in more, or the newsletter you signed up for never made it to you, or any other reason you may have for requesting points you feel that you have missed.

Points are awarded through an automated system, and there is no way to go back and verify if you should have received those points.

I answered a trivia question with an answer I found in a web search. Why does it say my answer is wrong?

We obtain information for the trivia questions from various reliable sources, many from SHR and NASCAR.com.

The answers we enter into the database will stand as the correct answer.

I see that you give away monthly prizes. How do I win?

Every month we award 3 prizes to members of this site.
We break down member points into a "point bracket system" according to point value range.
For example, if the lowest point scorer on the site has a total of 200 points, and the highest point scorer has a total of 650 points, the points bracket will be broken down as follows:
A winner will then be randomly chosen from each of these prize brackets. Please note that this is only an example of actual prize point ranges, as points change throughout the season.

At the end of the race season, we will compile a list of the top 25 point scorers, and then a GRAND PRIZE WINNER will be randomly chosen from that group.

I have received a PM from a member that contains inappropriate and threatening language.
The rules of our site clearly state that we will not tolerate offensive language, whether it is racially or verbally offensive. We will also NOT tolerate threats of physical harm to our members. If it is brought to our attention that anyone is responsible for these types of PM's or posts, that member will be removed from the site without warning.

When I post a comment or start a blog topic, there is a certain member that always makes rude or offensive comments to me. What should I do?

Plain and simple…ignore them! No one will agree with everyone 100% of the time.

If you feel a member has singled you out on purpose, the best course of action is simply not to respond.

If that member has sent you PM's that are offensive or threatening to you, contact us, without a response to the member, and we will do our very best to handle the situation.

I think there is a user on the site that is posting under multiple account names.
Although it may not be the most ethical thing to do, there are no rules in our guidelines prohibiting a person from registering multiple screen names.

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