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Is a "TOP TEN" to much to ask for?



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Post Mon Apr 22, 2013 8:10 am

Re: Is a "TOP TEN" to much to ask for?

midwesternsmoke wrote:OBVIOUSLY.......A top 10 IS TOO MUCH TO ASK FOR!! :shock: 8-) :shock: :shock:

+1 Yeah... what he said. Just what I was thinking. :?
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Post Mon Apr 22, 2013 8:50 am

Re: Is a "TOP TEN" to much to ask for?

Thought I would make a rare appearance here on the bosses blog with my friend Annalee leading the way! She is a trained psychologist for all the suffering Stewart fans! 8-)

I feel your pain folks! It's not like Ryan is kicking butt and taking names so far this year.

Trust me when I tell you, Stewart will NOT tolerate bad performance very long. So, we have to wait this one out as fans. It's hard but may be worth the wait. They say,"Good things come to those who wait".................but, for how long for crying out loud! :D

Thank goodness my Cincinnati Reds baseball team are doing well to sort of off-set my disappointing racing results.

Newman isn't doing "any" racing outside of Nascar Sprint Cup this year so I know his concentration is there. ;)


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Post Mon Apr 22, 2013 9:47 am

Re: Is a "TOP TEN" to much to ask for?

You know being an owner/ driver, track owner, company owner has to be extremely hard.....especially with sponsors to please, NASCAR to please, pit crew to please, company employees to please.. Everything has been going well up to now, he has been able to solve most of the problems. I hope Gene Haas, Zippy and maybe Mr Hendrick will step in and help him. Sometimes it takes someone totally out of the picture, to solve the problems....

Hey, Chevy39fan...... Welcome to the forum.....we can use your input too! This is impacting Ryan as well.....glad to see your "Reds" are doing well!



Post Mon Apr 22, 2013 11:01 am

Re: Is a "TOP TEN" to much to ask for?

I thought I would join Chevy39 on this thread. The more I follow SHR the more I like Tony (honest, not a big fan when he was with JGR). It's weird that this "packer" issue is common theme for both Ryan and Tony. Like Chevy39 said, when they address the issue on Ryan's car it seems to make him run more competitively and when they take it out for Tony he seems to run better. I will tell you one thing when I listened in on Tony on raceview I have to agree it was strangely silent and listened for almost five minutes only hearing the occasionally lap time being called out. I asked this on the 39 board so I will throw it out to the 14 board as well: I wonder how much changing or tweaking is done to the engines after they are received from Hendrick? I remember right after SHR was formed that their engines were from the same lot as the Hendrick drivers, if that holds true, than I can only presume that they are doing something to their engines that they are not letting SHR in on.......


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Post Mon Apr 22, 2013 11:12 am

Re: Is a "TOP TEN" to much to ask for?

Does anyone know if "Dr Who" Ronnie Crooks is still at SHR? He is supposedly the shock guru of NASCAR. I know he joined SHR in 2011 but was wondering if he is still there? Maybe this shock package is his deal?

In regards to the engine, I would highly doubt any performance issue is coming from there. Mr H is pretty adamant that all his engines are as equal as possible and no favoritism is shown to his own in his teams. Would be bad for business if everyone thought Hendrick was giving his own teams better engines and equipment. Teams that buy engines would find another engine provider real quick if they thought that was the case. Plus as I stated earlier, it doesn't matter how much HP you have if you can't use the throttle to put it down on the track.
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Post Mon Apr 22, 2013 12:20 pm

Re: Is a "TOP TEN" to much to ask for?

Smoke14TS wrote:I'm not looking forward to the race. This is no fun. But who knows, it can turn on a dime. In 2005 he'd been junk most of the year till they hit Michigan in June, he dominated and ran second there. Won Sonoma the next week, had three finishes OUTSIDE the top-10 the rest of the way, and got his second Cup. The 2011 turnaround is a bit more recent so I don't need to refresh any memories there. Maybe they'll stumble on something or figure out something that gets him up to speed.

+1 ...good post.
Maybe it will happen when they finally figure out this shock package so many are talking about here.

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