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The Jennifer Jo Cobb situation ( 5 topics)



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Re: The Jennifer Jo Cobb situation ( 5 topics)

Cobb reminds me of the John Wes Townley/Kevin Conway crowd, personally. If we have to have a woman driver out there every week for Girl Power purposes, there are a helluva lot better options.

Seems to me she did a good job off of playing off a #### gullible NASCAR fanbase that is always looking for a martyr (see: Tom Bowles) and to jump to the aid of any and all women without giving an opposite viewpoint a first look, much less a second (see: The backlash against Richard Petty's spot-on comments regarding women as Sprint Cup drivers). I'm no sexist but I'm fed up with the Girl Power crap and all the drama that rolls along with it.
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Re: The Jennifer Jo Cobb situation ( 5 topics)

BevAnn wrote:
wolfgang wrote:Jennifer made the right decision,i stand behind her-in front of her-beside her,which ever i can.Seriously,i have alot more respect for her than that whinny %itch Danica,Jr. should hire Cobb!

OH no kidding. Did you hear Damnica after the NW? Dear golly, it was a stereotypical racing incident and as Truex's CC said: "she's never been wrong about anything in her life." IMO, Danica is a dreadful role model and JennJo is an exceptional one.

The funniest part was when she said, Truex always races hard.What the #### is he suppose to do,let her go? The replay looked as thou she came up on Truex or they both came together.Seriously,i have to watch what i'm printing,my mind is going in the gutter.
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