Post Sun Feb 24, 2013 10:47 am

Fans from Georgia

Good Morning, SHR fans! We are DJ and Mike (duh!) and are huge fans of SHR...Tony...Ryan...and Danica! We live in Coastal Georgia, where the weather is kinda wet but getting warm.

I (Mike) have been a huge NASCAR fan for years. I introduced DJ to racing when we met 6 years ago and now she, too, is a fan.

We are particularly proud to be fans of Tony because of his work with veterans...especially the Wounded Warrior Project. Being a veteran, I appreciate the work Tony does for this organization. And because DJ's oldest son, Will, gave his life for our country in Iraq in 2008, she is proud to be a Gold Star Mother, and more than most, is grateful for Tony's work.

We look forward to keeping up with the whole SHR team...and its fans.

DJ and Mike
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Mike & DJ
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