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Danica wrecks herself--again



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Re: Danica wrecks herself--again

Dale Earnhardt drove a Chevrolet to seven championships, since 2001 i guess Chevrolet sales dropped considerable even thou JJ has won five championships with Chevrolet. Budwiser is no longer #1-Coors is,must be because Bud isn't with Dale Jr.anymore. Ford has never taken a goverment bail out,must be Roush/Yates makes everyone want to buy Ford.Lowes sales are up and HomeDepot down,must be because the five championships with the Lowes car everyone wants to shop there?
Sponsors have little to no bearing on sales of whatever name happens to be on the car,too many other variables are considered and much more important.These companys get involved in racing because they like it and nothing more,they can advertise anywhere.Since i've owned nothing but GM products and buy nothing but Wrangler jeans has nothing to do with it! LMAO! BTW,it's Miller time!


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Re: Danica wrecks herself--again

it is funny how some drivers really affect sales of the their sponsor, The E name is a given and rightfully so, there is no doubt danica boosted sales for gdaddy, ive been a chevy guy all my years, and they only focus on a couple models to push, so i can see why their sales are down, im surprised dodge isnt more successful than they are, the way they revamped their lineup of cars and now finally have a driver with the ability to win a championship..................... coors light, yuck, thats just like drinking water....
I miss you Frehley........


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Re: Danica wrecks herself--again

IF sponsorship didnt increase interest and sales they wouldnt be spending millions or billions on it, esp in this economy. Facts are just because you or some others buy something none related to sponsors, you cant assume that the majority dont pay attention to commercials and sponsorship on nascar or anywhere else--it works--or they would NOT be wasting the $$$'s, but those its not working for they usually drop sponsorship.

There was an article about the Nationwide Insurance commercials that Danica is in and Dale JR shows her phone number and they reported that they get over 50,000 calls to that number and of course its an advertising gimmick directly to sell insurance. They report great increases in Hits on their site also --because of the commercials, so dont be suggesting that commercials dont work because they work for Nationwide Insurance and they have worked to help Godaddy grow as mentioned, and most others otherwise they wouldnt be wasting millions of dollars on them for sure--look what big co.s pay just for Super Bowl comercials--now thats crazy--but it must pay off? However--Yes--there are some very rich people who do sponsor products, cars etc just because they are rich, or need a tax write-off, but that is not the norm. 8-)

However--I will say that i dont often buy products simply because of commercials/sponsors etc--but-- I have saw commercials that made me interested enough to check out the product, so its working getting my attention, whether I buy the product or not--its a big part of business? :roll:


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Re: Danica wrecks herself--again

futura64 wrote:
wolfgang wrote:Whatever reasons GoDaddy chose Danica over anyone else i have no idea

Ask yourself ................ "Ever hear of GoDaddy before Danica came along?"

Here's Bob and Danica on the starting grid at Indy ....... I think it was 2009.

danicaandbob01. [640x480].jpg

I think it was 2011. In 2009 Boost Mobile was her primary sponsor.
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