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To all my rose colored glasses Danica fans



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Post Thu Aug 30, 2012 7:03 pm

To all my rose colored glasses Danica fans

I always like trying to keep you guys honest (SS14 LOL) When you get all crazy with predictions & such.
Anyways. Danica did do well in her NW race at Bristol, to what I thought was her most complete race to date in a stock car. Then someone said she would get a top 20 in the cup race, where I was quick to point out no Beeeeping way :mrgreen:
She should call it a good race if she is only 3 laps down.
I didnt think she would wreck although I was hoping she would wreck Ryans competition for the chase. I did think trying to not get "in the way" of the top drivers would slow her down getting out of the way & she would go several laps down.
Well no she didnt get the top 20 & she was way more than 3 laps down, but let me tell you what I was seeing.
When she was a lap down, there was some really good drivers that went a lap down as well. Mainly Tony & Kenseth. After a yellow everytime one of these top drivers got the lucky dog who did I see the next car a lap down? Danica! She was keeping pace & one of the better cars a lap down. Finally she got her own Lucky Dog where I figured the next long green she would go right back a lap down.
Well she didnt. No she wasnt lighting the place on fire or anything, but she was driving a smart race & was up to speed enough to stay on the lead lap & was in the top 20 late in the race when she was wrecked! I think this was the best Weekend of stock car racing she has had in her career (& no I dont look at stats when I am evaluating drivers)

So to all my rose colored glasses Danica fan buddies........

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Very nicely Done this last weekend Danica (& her fans) Image


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Post Thu Aug 30, 2012 7:41 pm

Re: To all my rose colored glasses Danica fans

Nice comments and very true. I really think she is starting to figure it out as its showing. For open wheelers its a difficult thing to have to learn to drive a car that feels like its on ice all the time sliding all over the track where Indycars are stuck to the track with tons of downforce so its nothing like a stock car. It all takes time whether or not she is ever great at it, at least she will become competitive at it in time for sure. Curious how Atlanta will be for her since shes never been there, but we'll see during Cup practice tommorrow. 8-)


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Post Thu Aug 30, 2012 8:12 pm

Re: To all my rose colored glasses Danica fans

Cool beans.
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