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Why does the team make it so hard for him/



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Post Fri Jul 20, 2012 3:05 pm

Why does the team make it so hard for him/

We're at a lose. Steve Addington is not the problem. Why are you making it so hard for him? This is a championship team. We knew Tony would win at Daytona. Tony's place at Louden was a disgrace for a championship team. 12th? Are you kidding us? Did Darian take the notes
and give them to Denny? Please give Tony another championship.
He deserves it more than anyone in Nascar. We know how special he is.
Last year I told all of my friends Tony would win the Championship. They all laughed at me. I said, he would win 5 of the races. They LOL.
He did. :D


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Post Fri Jul 20, 2012 5:44 pm

Re: Why does the team make it so hard for him/

My question is... why do you think it's the teams fault? You need to elaborate a little more. They have had a few "oops" but what makes you think it's only the team? Perhaps Tony needs to step up his game a little too? Mind you, I'm a huge fan of his, so I just wondered what exactly you mean the team is costing him the championship this year? :D
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Post Fri Jul 20, 2012 9:42 pm

Re: Why does the team make it so hard for him/

There is no need for panic for anyone. All one has to do is qualify for the chase and then let er rip. After what the 14 team did last year I'm sure everyone will have the notion they can do it to. And as professionals they all have that chance. Jeff Gordon hsn't reached what I thought he would. I thought by this time he'd have the 7 and be tied with Petty and Earnhardt. So far he hasn't done that. I think the one that can go beyond Petty and Earnhardt is Jimmie Johnson as he has the 5 but it will never be so easy again.
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Post Sat Jul 21, 2012 1:03 pm

Re: Why does the team make it so hard for him/

I think what Jennifer is trying to say is about their inconsistency and maybe the penalty in qualifying....it does seem that they are really good one week and the next week, not so good! I still think they are trying things.....and with Goodyear throwing in a different tire, that throws them off too, but they will be okay! There is one thing I have learned, never count Tony out! He can will himself to a victory... :)


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Post Sat Jul 21, 2012 10:10 pm

Re: Why does the team make it so hard for him/

well im gonna catch #### for this but "give tony a championship, because he deserves it more that anyone in nascar, we know how special he is." that is a true fan there, but there are many "special" people in nascar, that is what makes this sport so cool, all of them give time and money when they dont have to, but they all know the struggles involved, and go out of their way to help.

he and the team will win the championship if the earned it, season is far from over, they are in a good place with 3 wins, but some different drivers are stepping up and the championship is up for grabs, i can see brad k winning or even matty, it all comes down to who hits a hot streak and gets a ton of racing luck on their side.
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