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THIS SHOULD PUT A SMILE ON YOUR FACE AND SOME OF YOU NEED IT............ :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Track Trash – It’s a Richman(d)s Game
Racing Maniac posted this in Sprint Cup, Track Trash on April 29th, 2012

Oh, yeah. A lot of broken hearts, but Kyle sure had a great weekend in Richmond.

It Figures: Roush came up with a 15 race sponsorship for Stenhouse in the Busch League, but can he get a sponsor for the more deserving Trevor Bayne on the Cup side? Gee, I don’t think so. I realize Trevor has a lot of loyalty going on, but maybe he just oughta think about jumping ship to a quality ride next year. He deserves better than a start-n-park ride (the 21 car is doing more parking than starting this year).

Bow to the Prince: JJ was again selected as Forbes most influential athlete. Come on now…..he’s more influential than Gordo, Smoke, and even Jburton? Someone at Forbes must be smoking some funny-weed. But then, Forbes is not what we’d call a ‘sports’ organization, so what do they know?

A Princely Suggestion: Upon getting the dubious ‘most influential’ nod, JJ quickly suggested that a good way to fix the ‘NA$CAR problem’ is to do away with some of the 1.5 mile cookie cutters. Yeah, JJ, and you think the France and Bruton organizations are gonna chop up some of their spiffy speedways because of a hair-brained suggestion like that? Mr. Influential just did an ‘open mouth, insert foot’…….

Bros?: The next time you watch a race, take a good long gander at the Waltrip boys. Are we sure they have the same parents? They sure don’t look that way. And for that reason, neither do Kurt and Kyle Busch. Apparently, strange things can happen in 9 months…….

SirMark: This dude is looking older and older every time we see him. He’s in fantastic shape (for an old goat), but he’s packin’ enough wrinkles to make a Hollywood star commit suicide. Someone hand him a cane….and the phone number of the nearest plastic surgeon.

Bowowyer: He does a great ad for 5 Hour. He’s boppin’ along, and finally gets into the picture with Mikie and friends. Which brings up a question. I have a need-to-know: In that scene, is that Mikie’s wife, or the wife of the other dude to the left of Mikie? Someone….please enlighten me. But I may not want to know the answer……

All Star Race: Although I’m gonna tape the race, I’m gonna be out of town that weekend and won’t be able to cover the race. I need a sub for that weekend, and for the first time I’m opening it up to race fans all over North America. If you think it would be fun to vent your emotions (without taking someone’s complete leg off), give me a holler. We’re talking about the May 19th race in Charlotte. Lemme know. I’ll try to make sure you make the Net.

Da Race: For a long while, I thought it was gonna be another boring race with few Yellows. But it eventually became an exciting Richmond race with plenty of action for everyone. Yeah, Gordo had another arrow in his target of bad luck, but can anyone ‘splain something to me? How can Gordo finish in 23rd place, yet gain one spot in the Points? How’d he do dat, Howdy Doody?

Da Flipster: He was like a stallion most of the night, then faded at the end. It’s gotta be a tough cookie to swallow, but that’s why these guys are getting paid the big bucks. His night came undone when he ‘allegedly’ jumped the gun on a restart, and got black flagged for his efforts. One might want to cast some aspersion on Smoke, cuz it sure looked like he either spun his wheels, or intentionally lifted off the gas when he saw Flip beat him to the punch. Either way, Flip sure looked like he deserved the penalty.

Jr: How can a guy with a long dry spell be second in the Points, and closing fast on becoming first? Consistency. You can look at the guy on top of the war wagon for the defining person that’s making this happen. In years past, I threw a lot of darts at LeFarte, but it was mainly because it appeared like he was holding Gordo back. The pairing of LeFarte and Jr. seems to be the exact mixture that could bring success to the 88 car. Thus far this year, they look a tad better than the “I’ve got Five” team.

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Thanks for sharing Annalee!!!
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