Post Thu Mar 01, 2012 5:52 pm

Re: Dont mess with Danica

I really can't figure out why Danica has caused so much commotion. So she is a woman with one whale of a sponsor who has money to burn. She'll be one of the guys (which is fine) if she does well racing. She'll age just like the rest of us and we'll praise her for the racing and not her looks. I did hear her in an on air interview talk quite a bit about trying to earn respect. She has a right to do that. Now what I'd advise her to do is be careful what pictures she puts out on her Facebook account. Some of those should be kept in a photo album at home if she doesn't want a rip roar about them. But this is a somewhat free world and she has a right to do just about anything she wants as long as it is legal. But then someone would have to prove what is illegal.
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