Post Thu Feb 09, 2012 11:20 am

Danicas Peak and Tissot sponsors?

Seeing the discussion on Tonys BK sponsor leaving, I had noticed Danicas 2012 cars and dont see the large Peak decals on the rear panel of her cars like last season and before? I just saw the Tissot decal on the 2012 NNS diecast though but NO Peak decal unless its so small I cant see it with my old eyes? Maybe the FT NNS and PT Cup season cars demand higher paying sponsors in order to be on her cars and Tissot responded but not Peak on either car from what I can see? Course being only PT in Cup maybe Peak and Tissot passed for now on that 10 car?? I did see some new sponsors decals on the 10 car though, but some of those are SHR sponsors..

Just curious as looking to buy her diecasts for 2012 and they arent showing them and would hate to buy them, then have the decals show up on the car once the series starts soon, as die casts are supposed to be exact replicas but are made in advance? thanks if anyone knows? 8-)