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Re: the week of heat reminds me of....................

jamo14 wrote:sure do, and I remember dropping 30 pounds in 2 weeks after high school football was over so I could compete too.
my daily routine consisted of practice @ 6am, school, plain lettuce for lunch & some water to drink (just a little), finish out the schoolday, then more practice after school.
our practice room was always 85 degrees from overhead heaters throughout, while wearing sweatpants & sweatshirt.
I loved AND hated every minute of it :D

for some odd reason (note the sarcasm), I aquired a eating disorder :arrow: I only eat once a day :lol:

...uhhhmmmm. o.k...I was thinkin' sumpin' else... :lol:

...btw, sounds wonderful :| shoulda' tried Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, it's similar in practice...without the bulimia. ;) :lol:
Image Image that a breadstick or are you just happy to see me?