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A little venting from a furstrated fan



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Post Sun Jun 12, 2011 10:58 pm

A little venting from a furstrated fan

Man this has been the most trying season since 2006 ( I am not including 2001 for obvious reasons that goes above everything). I like a lot of drivers and while one of my top 3 Kevin Harvick is doing great my top two drivers Tony Stewart and Jamie McMurray are having just a lousy season.

When Tony has a fast car he can't seem to catch a break. Could have won five of the first seven races but ends up with finishes of 13th, 7th, 2nd, 13th and 12th. Just one top five all season. Could have won the last two but something always happens.

Poor Jamie can't even catch a break. Charlotte he was leading breaks, Pocono he was 21st breaks. He has no top fives and only two top tens and is 29th in points. Never has been this low in the points this late in the season. I love the dude but he needs to really grow some balls and tell them to fix those #### racecars.

And to top it off five time doesn't seem to be slowing down f**K will it ever end?

I have to watch these races those. I love racing. I love watching my drivers race. But NASCAR seems less enjoyable when your drivers are not running as well. I guess I will have to continue to be patient and wait for results.
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Post Sun Jun 12, 2011 11:59 pm

Re: A little venting from a furstrated fan

i dunno what to add that has not already been talked about on this site for weeks regarding SHR, changes need to be made, but where, i dunno, you have to look at racing in another perspective, like i always say, just appreciate you get to see tony drive, it makes it alot easier to deal with when he has bad runs..............
I miss you Frehley........

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