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Drivers and foul language on the radio



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Re: Drivers and foul language on the radio

this isnt actually being debated somewhere is it?
It is the team radio channel, if someone doesnt want to hear what might come out of an uncensored channel, then dont listen. Its not anyone elses right to listen to a team radio. Lucky to be allowed.

Personally I listen to the radios to hear what they wont show on TV myself :mrgreen:


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Re: Drivers and foul language on the radio

dirt93 wrote:I think it's the drivers and teams right to say whatever they want. The teams have their own way of dealing with the foul language, yelling, etc.

We are lucky enough to get to listen.... If you don't like it then don't listen!!

Exactly! Well stated
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Re: Drivers and foul language on the radio

George Carlin


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Re: Drivers and foul language on the radio

I think we need to understand that this is live and sometimes out of anger we say things we regret. I am sure its the same way with the Drivers. No I do not think it was a nice thing that was said, and yes they sound like a bully. In their defense its heat of the moment and points are important so i can see out of anger how things are said that really are not meant to be taken to heart. This is jmo. I have heard other drivers say similar on their radios also.This was a great article and brought up many good points, but in the end its is a privilege that we can listen.


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Re: Drivers and foul language on the radio

DirectTv has the Hot Pass channels and they don't edit the scanner talk. It's great...
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Re: Drivers and foul language on the radio

i guess for me bein a JJ fan and listening to he and chad ive grown use to their calm interaction, dont get me wrong they have their blow ups here and there, but even if the crew fouls up JJ doesnt scream at them, and i have always believed screaming and degrading someone in a work environment will not make them perform any better, even today at dover on the last pit stop, JJ came out 10th and he came on the radio and calmly said " we should have taken two, chad why wasnt that a option?" chad came right back and apologized.
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Post Mon May 16, 2011 9:24 am

Re: Drivers and foul language on the radio

somtimes a good cussin out will get the team (or person) motivated. If they ain't doing their job and screwing up costing the driver valuable time in the pits then its up to the driver or crewchief to do something. Martin Truex had had enough and exploded and the next race had several new guys. Kurt Busch is always opinionated during a race but usually calms down afterwards.

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