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Hello from Indiana

Hello everyone,
I have been around racing ever since I was a little girl. My father took me racing in Joliet Illinois. He then bought a midget that we put together in our basement. Then ended up taking it apart and rebuilding it in the garage. Then we started racing and our driver was Bruce Field. Every weekend and sometimes during the week, we were at different tracks racing. It was great!!! When a motor blew up, as soon as we got home he would drop another one in. Then during the week he would rebuild the "broken motor" so it would work again. I had a awesome childhood, my idol was A.J. Foyt, and I would do history papers on him at school (instead of history on the U.S.). We ended up with having 2 midgets and a sprint car. I love racing so much thanks to my dad. I lived in Illinois until I was 21. Now I live in Indiana and I really love it because it is the racing capitol of the world!!!!! I have taken my children to tracks around here, and now I take my grandchildren. My brother-in-law is Mark Dismore who is a retired Indy Car Driver. My dad passed a couple years ago and I miss him, but I say THANK-YOU dad for such a wonderful childhood I had, and your memory lives on with the racing!!!! His name is Clyde (Bud) A. Graham Jr. :D My grandchildren, kids and I are great Tony Stewart fans and Danica Patrick fans.