Post Tue Nov 13, 2012 3:45 pm

danicas racing history

Has Danica done any dirt car racing? Most of the drivers in nascar have dirt racing experience. I have worked on a formula atlantic team years ago and the car owner had alot of experience in the atlantic type cars and was a little lost when he started driving the shelby can am car. The atlantics were the old Indy lite series cars with the tunnels and fixed wings and the shelby only had a wing and no tunnels. It took halfe the season to realize that the shelby car would slide and be able to regrip the track and plus taking advice from some of the gt drivers about throttle control and the effects of burping the throttle to actually stear the car thru the corners. He later admitted that the drivers who gave the most sound advice had driven dirt tracks but they also told him that the actual experiance was the best teacher.