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Re: JR lovers say goodbye to MPD this yr.

wolfgang wrote:
Schmoopy1000 wrote:actually it should be easier to make the chase without a win now. People should quit listening to the stooges on TV.
There is 16 teams now making the chase instead of 10 to 12.
there wont be 16 winners despite what the so called experts think.
I figure around 12 but no more than 14. So all ryan has to do is make the top 14 in points with zero wins. I would say top 16, but there is a decent chance that 1 to 2 teams that win might be outside of the top 16.

Sitting currently 8th in points & only one team currently outside the top 16 with a win (Good ol' Kurt) Things look just fine for ryan making the chase as of right now. That's not to say he wont win as he is more than capable of doing it, but if they had these win & your in rules before. Ryan would have never missed a chase at all. (even when he didn't win)
So using deductive reasoning & looking at a little history, you would be capable of seeing how these rules has made it easier to make a chase without a win. Not harder.
Its simple logic. Glad I could help paint the picture for you Racer. I am here to help 8-)

How dare you try to make sense here? :lol:

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