Post Sun Mar 23, 2014 1:05 pm

Re: Top interviewer in Nascar

Cool videos--thanks.

Karsyn is a great kid and does good interviews etc--but remember she is a kid 12 yrs old so everything she does is cute but as she grows older some will judge her differently. Hopefully she isn't "pushed" to stay in racing and eventually into Nascar with her Earnhardt bloodline, IF she isn't ready, however her DAD said he would NEVER allow her to be pushed into anything she didn't want. However he may be up against some of the Earnhardt clan & Nascar itself who want her in Nascar eventually, but hopefully some will only want whats best for her?

JR clearly knows the scrutiny Danica has always faced & been fighting so Id bet he will be on Karsyns side if she doesn't want it, course if she does, then he will provide the rides Iam sure. Only time will tell, but Karsyn is watching Danica as Jr has said "how Danica goes, so goes Karsyn"? Her recent Danica interview where she questioned Danica on how she handles all the negative stuff shows Karsyn is well aware of that negativity towards the only female driver, which could sway HER as she gets older and Danica isn't around anymore? Karsyn has many other interests besides racing according to her mom, so who knows what she will choose? :roll:

Far as mentioning female announcers I enjoy most of them & esp Nicole on ESPN & maybe a glimpse of that future for Karsyn as well, as given who she is, iam sure many doors will open for her? :)