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Qualifyilng changes on the horizon????



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Post Thu Oct 24, 2013 5:27 pm

Qualifyilng changes on the horizon????

From Jayski's...............

NASCAR considering changes to qualifying in 2014: NASCAR told its competitors Thursday it is considering eliminating single-car qualifying next season in an overhaul to how the field is set. Drivers from all three national series met with top NASCAR officials for almost two hours at the R&D Center in Concord to discuss several things under consideration for 2014. Among the ideas being considered is a group qualifying format similar to what was used on road courses this year. NASCAR is considering using that qualifying procedure everywhere except Daytona at Talladega. NASCAR spokesman Kerry Tharp says the field would likely be set at Daytona and Talladega with an "open qualifying session" that would allow for a 60-minute drafting session. NASCAR will also hold a Dec. 9 test at Charlotte to continue work on its intermediate track package.(Associated Press)(10-24-2013)
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Re: Qualifyilng changes on the horizon????

Saw that about qualifying and what about this wind tunnel testing the other day about how to allow the cars to get back together & closer for 1 1/2 mile tracks etc for better racing? Good grief has nascar lost its mind as for over a yr or so they tried everything so the cars couldn't get together on the superspeedways and now they want that for the shorter tracks as the article seemed to suggest?
Link to Trackforum posters on this and what they think---Nascar is desperate so more gimmicks etc. http://www.trackforum.com/forums/showth ... lse-thinks

Excerp from Jayski article:
"NASCAR [tested] Sprint Cup cars in a wind tunnel Tuesday, as series officials consider rule changes for 2014. The wind tunnel session follows an on-track test NASCAR did last week at Charlotte Motor Speedway. All three manufacturers were represented in both sessions. NASCAR is looking at aerodynamic changes to help cars race closer together at the 1.5-mile style race tracks.---"

Nascar clearly is lost and doesn't know what to do as the fans are bored with the parades and seats are getting emptier as lead drivers lapping the field isn't considered much as real racing. Now with few exceptions its just follow the leader trying to keep from being lapped for the most part on most tracks whereby the only lead changes are from pit road strategys etc and different winners because of that only and not close racing. Nascar is sucking big time with these new cars yet they bragg about them being better--really--OK. :roll:

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