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Late caution sends debris behind pit wall injury a crew memb



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Post Mon Jul 08, 2013 3:04 am

Late caution sends debris behind pit wall injury a crew memb

Saturday night was the usual when it comes to a Daytona finish. Drivers going 3 wide all the way thru the finish, and when that happens you can count on wrecking. Well, it didn't disappoint. As the cars were coming thru the tri oval and taking the checkers, there was a big spin that left multiple cars slamming into the wall and some even made their way down towards the front of pit road. What happened next was scary and dangerous. As the cars were spinning on the track, a few cars made there way down towards the front of pit road. The first three pit boxes were the 18, 22, and 13. As the cars were spinning, debris was flying all over the place. Front Tire Changer Jay Hackney of the #22 car was standing in front of their box watching the final lap. "I was up at the front where I usually stand to watch a race and I remember the cars wrecking right in front of us. About that time, me and a few other guys see this piece of debris come flying at our box." By the time the guys could turn their heads and take cover, it was to late. A piece of debris from one of the cars had broke lose and came flying at the #22 box like a bullet. The debris hit the box, then bounced off and caught Jay in the wrist. Rear Tire Carrier Trent Cherry was standing on the back part of the box. "I remember seeing a blur coming flying by and hearing it hit the box. The next thing I know I was looking at our Jack Man, who was right beside me, then looked farther down the wall and saw Jay holding his wrist." After everything calmed down Jay was able to check his wrist and make sure he was OK. The scary part was what could of happened. "This is one of those accidents where you think what if. If that piece of debris hits one of our guys in the chest or head, it wasn't going to be good. We got lucky tonight."

from Jayski

http://www.pittalks.com/2013/07/07/late ... ew-member/ this from pit talk


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Re: Late caution sends debris behind pit wall injury a crew

that was like dover a couple years ago clint was on his side and a piece of sheet metal flew in the pits and cut a crew members leg, dont remember the team tho... dangerous work for sure....
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Re: Late caution sends debris behind pit wall injury a crew

Time for a new rule? If the pit crew is not working on a car it must be behind the wall etc etc.


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Re: Late caution sends debris behind pit wall injury a crew

I had a friend at the race Saturday night. This came up to their seats from Paul Menard's car. Said it was pretty dang hot!!
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Re: Late caution sends debris behind pit wall injury a crew

I agree HTower, they already put their lives in danger in that pit stall when cars are coming in and out. When cars are racing, like they were in those last couple of laps, there is no reason to be standing in the pit stall watching the race. That is just asking for trouble and they got what they had coming....sorry to say, but stupid is as stupid does.

I mean look at what happens to fans in the stands when debris comes flying and they have the catch fence there, we have already proven that does not always work...then there was the FOX Sports Camera in the Charlotte incident that damaged cars and debris from the camera cable and cars injured fans. These guys have nothing, but what is a wall about knee high.

They should be staying behind that wall unless their driver is coming in, it is a red flag, the beginning of the race before the green flag, or after the race and teams have come down pit road.

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