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Jeff on Ellen- JJ goes Hollywood-No Allstar for Trevor

Jeff Gordon appears on Ellen DeGeneres show and talks about his daughter becoming a race car driver:
Ellen: I heard that Ella told you she wants to be a racecar driver?
Jeff: I get asked this all the time. Do you want your daughter to be a racecar driver? I just want to approach it the same way that my parents approached it with me and my sister. Whatever opportunities or passions you see as a parent your kids interested in, pursue that and see where that takes them. That's what happened with me. We found racing at a young age. My parents introduced me to it and it just took off. I hadn't thought about it a whole lot, certainly with my daughter, and we were driving down the road the other day and out of nowhere, she said, "Papa, I want to be a racecar driver." And I said, "You do? Why do you want to be a racecar driver?" [She said] "Because I love you." It just crushed me and at the same time, I thought, "Oh, now I'm going to have to get a racecar." Laughs

Jimmie goes Hollywood:

Don't expect five-time NASCAR Sprint Cup champion Jimmie Johnson to quit his day job any time soon. But Johnson's return to Southern California on Wednesday presented the perfect opportunity to test his acting chops for an upcoming episode of FOX's "Breaking In!" The 35-year-old El Cajon native played himself in the storyline, which will air on April 20. "There's a situation that we have as a race team and the show is based on this," Johnson said. "Christian Slater runs and owns this investigative service company and we have some issues on our team and we need their help. I go in and talk to his group and go through some things, get some help and they help us solve our problem

No AllStar for Trevor:

Roush Fenway has no plans to put Bayne in All-Star Race: [Roush Fenway President Steve ] Newmark is optimistic regarding the promise of his Nationwide Series racers Trevor Bayne and Ricky Stenhouse. He's watched both youngsters mature over the past year. Despite Bayne's uncertainty regarding a sponsored ride in the All-Star race, Newmark says there are no current plans to provide their driver with a car. "It's not anything we've had discussions about," Newmark said. "We're focused on having Trevor run in Nationwide and try to compete with he and Ricky to win the championship. We're hopeful that the Wood Brothers will figure out a way to get Trevor in the All-Star race, but we haven't had any discussions about putting him in any of our vehicles
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