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For The Guys In The Pits ...

Mon Mar 04, 2013 5:14 pm

The Unknown Pit Guy

Well I'm not the kind to show and tell
But I've been seen with Wendy
I've never been on Teee-Veeee before, such a chore!
I've been on fire in practice,
Gone fast with a guy named Joe(y)
But somehow I just never get any credit

It's a death defying life I lead, I take my chances
I'd die for a living in NASCAR and TV
But the hardest thing I ever do, is watch my winning driver
Kiss the Sprint girl, while I'm bandaging my knee...

I might fall from a tall pit box, I might make a wining car
Cause I'm the unknown pit guy that made Johnson such a star!

I've never spent much time in school, but here they teach us plenty
It's true we hire our bodies out for pay! Hey hey !
I've gotten burned by Tony Stewart, blown up next to Ryan Newman
But when it winds up in the news, it's just about them! Hey hey !

I might sprint back to the hauler or Tarzan from a vine
Cuz I'm the unknown pit guy that makes Edwards look so fine

They'll never put me in charge, but I got the best idea's
Some day I got 'em as far as the eye can see – ooo-wee
A morning drive with Kyle Busch, a crash in the night with Montoya
But in the end they never listen to me

I might trip on the hose, so Kurt Busch won't get hurt
I might fix his broken car so he can still be a jerk
And when he pushed me to the ground, I'm just kissin dirt
Yes I'm the unknown pit guy that helped make a driver out of Kurt

Re: For The Guys In The Pits ...

Tue Mar 05, 2013 12:30 pm

This is great...........did you re write this? I'm impressed! Except now we have a girl as a member of the pit crew....... ;)

Re: For The Guys In The Pits ...

Tue Mar 05, 2013 1:19 pm

Thank you Annalee... and yes, I wrote it.

I like to play with songs, 'weird Al Yankovich' style. LOL

I have about maybe 10 or so I've done that are Tony or SHR related.

I should post them all one day .... Smokies Silly Songs.... LOL
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