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Has Evernham been neutered and lost his confidence ??

Wed Feb 13, 2013 8:53 am

Sounds like ol' boy doubts himself ????..................

Evernham says he turned down a chance to return as crew chief: Ray Evernham recently turned down a job offer to return to the Sprint Cup Series  and not with Hendrick Motorsports. The former car owner and Hendrick crew chief who won three championships with Jeff Gordon has resisted the urge to return to the racetrack since selling his stake in Evernham Motorsports six years ago. But a recent call from a powerhouse NASCAR team  he wouldn't say which except that it wasn't Hendrick  had the man who was voted the greatest crew chief of all time in 2006 pondering a change of heart. "I got hit with the right opportunity not that long ago, and I really had to stop and think about it," Evernham said Thursday. "I had to make sure not to make decisions with ego and think about why I wound it down the first time, and the reality of what it would be because it's so easy to be 10 years later thinking about how great you are and how you can still do it. You can lull yourself back into thinking I could still do that." Evernham's last race atop the pit box as Gordon's crew chief was at Dover International Speedway in September 1999, but he remained as hands-on as a team owner who spearheaded Dodge's return to NASCAR in 2001. He won championships with Gordon's #24 Chevy in '95, '97 and '98, setting a modern-era record with 13 victories in the last title campaign. "I probably could still do it, but I don't think I could have the results I had," said Evernham, 55, after a news conference at his museum to present a $280,000 check to the Autism Society of North Carolina. "I look back at our stuff with Jeff Gordon. If I couldn't hold up to that 1998 standard, I'd be constantly unhappy and frustrated, so I don't want to do that again. I got that call, and I was flattered to get it, but I had to pass." He will be working at least 15 NASCAR events for ESPN, starting at Daytona International Speedway and focusing on more in-depth features. He also is working with team owner Rick Hendrick on developing a new TV show called "Americarna" that will explore the country's evolving car culture. Evernham also still is working as a consultant with Hendrick's automotive business though he is scaling back to focus on his other projects and remaining involved in NASCAR

Re: Has Evernham been neutered and lost his confidence ??

Wed Feb 13, 2013 12:24 pm

think he understands how much things change. Anyone trying to come back has never been as good as they used to be. So if it is gonna be frustrating to him, that he isnt having the success he had when he was with Gordon in the 90's. Sounds like he is being realistic. Not like he needs to come back to make some money. He has a cushy gig.
I think if he ever got back into racing itself, it would have to be in some other capacity. He already conquered Crew Chief. Could maybe see him going back into ownership if the right situation (kinda like Haas & Tony) came about, or running a team for an owner. But honestly think it would be dumb to come back as a CC.

Think he is smart to not come back for a CC job.

Re: Has Evernham been neutered and lost his confidence ??

Wed Feb 13, 2013 2:06 pm

I doubt if Ray would find the challenges all that favorable since he has been in different areas for several years now. He has said he wasn't pleased with himself during all those years as Jeff's CC because he had to leave his wife and son who had health issues so much. I don't remember when he was divorced and remmaried but it was his son he couldn't quite forgive himself for the lost time. The son must be grown up by now and perhaps everything is fine between them. It is sort of a sad thing the NASCAR people give up in order to do what pleases. Since the travel homes that are out and the fact home schooling is available the family can stay closer together.

Guys like Ray never lose their confidence.
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Re: Has Evernham been neutered and lost his confidence ??

Wed Feb 13, 2013 11:00 pm

I say good for him... He put in his time. Besides, he has a young wife to keep track of... :lol:
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