Post Sun Nov 11, 2012 5:04 pm


Gesh, that's what I get. Last week I brag on Nascar Scanner and what do I get? I can't get Tony on it at all today. I can hear other channels on Scanner, but not Tony. :evil:

Race Buddy has Tony today, so I'm listening to Tony there.

I watch the races on Dish TV, and I know that my signal lags a few seconds. So when I discovered that Scanner was a few seconds ahead of Dish, I wasn't surprised. I actually have grown to like it because I get a heads up on what's about to happen. Today is the first time I have listened to Race Buddy more than a few seconds, and today RB is maybe 30 seconds behind Dish. I listen to Tony's pit stop after he is back on the track. Funny thing is, I have used RB to listen to NNS several times, and I have never noticed this lag. Weird!

Hope everybody enjoys the race today. Tony just said the last pit stop helped the car!
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