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Pit Stall Selections

Sat Nov 10, 2012 5:14 pm

Tony pits in stall # 6 with the 32 in front of him & the 98 behind him. Neither of which I would expect to be on the lead lap too long. Giving Tony any easy in & out of his pits, once they are no longer on the lead lap.

Ryan pits in stall # 10 with the 19 in front of him & the 26 behind him. Again I dont see either of these guys on the lead lap for too long. So this will also give Ryan a clean in & out of the pits, once they are no longer on the lead lap.

Danica pits in stall # 42 with the 9 car in front of her & the 27 behind him. Being near the back I dont see her having any issues. Ambrose until he wrecks should be ahead of her so she should have a clear exit from the pits. She may have to drive around menard to get in her pits but since he is in the last spot I would imagine he would pit short in his stall, so I dont really see an issue for her pitting.
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