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Regan Smith Full Time at JR Motorsports

Wed Oct 24, 2012 1:53 pm

Regan Smith has signed on with JR Motorsports for the 2013 Nationwide Series season full-time. He will be driving the #5 car. He will also be in the #5 car for the final race of this Nationwide season at Homestead-Miami.

Re: Regan Smith Full Time at JR Motorsports

Wed Oct 24, 2012 3:00 pm

I read that too. He's also supposed to be in the 51 for Phx and Homestead. It would have been nice if Finch could have split the number of races between AJ and Regan.

Re: Regan Smith Full Time at JR Motorsports

Wed Oct 24, 2012 6:00 pm

While Smith seems happy about it, c'mon--he surely would rather have a Cup ride then a lowly NNs ride, but better then watching from the bleachers I suppose> They mentioned Hendricks is behind this as well so apparently they are taking charge and doing everything possible to try & make JRM a successfull team next yr with getting to the finish line first etc? Question is--what about the other cars as last word heard was that Whitt was not signed for next yr, but putting Smith in the #5 instead of the #7 or #88 says they are working on something for Whitt and maybe PT Danica or--who knows? Once again it will be sponsorship that determines mostly what happens unless Hendricks is going to purse part of the Smith races as weve seen big teams do before for some drivers? 8-)

Course if Smith cant get to the finish line--then what-- as lots of Cup drivers including Dale JR himself has been in races for JRM & still no podiums or wins in yrs so lots of pressure on them for sure next yr. Also who's going to be Smiths CC as even Ryan Pemberton was only supposed to be this season for the #7 as he was hired for other duties so they have to hire 2 of them, but 1 for sure if he stays with the #7 team or another car. Good Luck with that and Homestead may show something-- then again --maybe not?

On another note--it was reported some time ago, that JRM or Dale JR might want to take his team to Cup racing, but since they are hooked to Hendricks they said Hendricks was NOT allowed to be partnered with them IF they did because JR drives for them per some rules of Nascar? :roll:

Re: Regan Smith Full Time at JR Motorsports

Wed Oct 24, 2012 6:18 pm

if Jr wanted to go to cup and have an affiliation with HMS, he would be allowed to, it would be called a "satellite team", just like SHR and Phoenix Racing, Mr H could not be a part owner of that Jr team, because it would violate the 4 car team rule.

Re: Regan Smith Full Time at JR Motorsports

Thu Oct 25, 2012 1:08 am

From Jayski...

JR Motorsports looking at Regan Smith for 2013: UPDATE: Regan Smith will step out of the #88 Chevy when Dale Earnhardt Jr. is expected to return from a concussion next week, but Smith's connection with NASCAR's most popular driver could become more permanent. Earnhardt's JR Motorsports has targeted Smith as the team's first choice to contend for a Nationwide Series championship in 2013. "We are in discussions with Regan," JRM general manager and co-owner Kelley Earnhardt told USA TODAY Sports. "That's who we would like for that to be. We've been in dialogue and are just trying to work some of the details out. So it's not a done deal, but that's definitely a direction we'd like to go." The ongoing talks paved the way for Hendrick Motorsports team owner Rick Hendrick (also a minority owner in JRM) to choose Smith when Earnhardt Jr. was forced to miss two races with a head injury. JRM hopes to run two Chevys full time again next year with a third part-time entry driven by Earnhardt Jr. for at least four races. The car slated for Smith is virtually funded in full, and the team still is seeking full sponsorship for a second car driven by Cole Whitt, who is ranked seventh in Nationwide points in JRM's #88. "We're hoping we can get that funding and Cole can stay on board in that car," Kelley Earnhardt said. Danica Patrick, who is in third year with JRM and first full season, still might run some races for JRM next year when she moves to Sprint Cup with Stewart-Haas Racing.(USA Today)(10-16-2012)
UPDATE: JR Motorsports announced it has reached an agreement with Regan Smith to drive the team's #5 NASCAR Nationwide Series entry full time in 2013. General Manager Kelley Earnhardt Miller said Smith will make his JRM debut this year, as the company will field three teams for the Nov. 17 race at Homestead-Miami Speedway. Smith will join teammates Cole Whitt and Danica Patrick in the season finale. Smith has not competed in the Nationwide Series since 2007 when he tallied three top-fives, five top-10s, and a pole award at Kentucky Speedway. Smith's #5 Chevy, to date, is the only JRM entry cemented for a full-season slate in 2013. Earnhardt Miller said the goal of the organization is still to run two full-time teams  the #5 and #7  with addition to Earnhardt Jr. competing in select Nationwide Series races in the #88 car. "We feel it is important for our sponsors, our fans, and even Dale to keep his Nationwide Series number consistent with his Cup number," Earnhardt Miller said. "His brand is associated with the #88. That's what makes him distinguishable on the race track, so it's only natural that he drives the #88 all the time. To do that, we are making our #5 Chevy our full-time entry. We hope to have Cole in the #7 full time in 2013, and we are working hard on securing sponsorship for that.(JR Motorsports)(10-24-2012)

So far only the 5 is set to run full time next year in NW. This is good for Regan, and good for JRM. They're trying to make themselves competitive and I think Regan is a very good choice. There aren't any worthwhile cup rides available and going to JRM is way better than a start-n-park. I wish they'd use a different car number though, but that's just me. I don't care for Cole (needs to go back to truck), like I don't care for Brian Scott or Brad Sweet. I don't know if JRM will ever go to cup. He's said when he's done in cup he wants to drive for JRM in NW. He thinks that'll fun. Good for him and who cares what anyone else thinks, it's his life and he needs to live it however he wants.

Re: Regan Smith Full Time at JR Motorsports

Thu Oct 25, 2012 11:38 am

If thats correct as we heard Smith to be in the #5 car and the #7 will be for Whitt then Danica is probably not going to be running even PT for them. Why--because all her millions of dollars in merchandise sales is centered around the #7 car her entire NNs career and/or the #10 car now of course. Kelly has said she wants Danica to drive maybe PT, but changing all the drivers in different numbers just so JR can have his #88 for 4 or so races and knocking Whitt out of that car is crazy but it is their co. to do what they want? For Danica to run PT for them it has to be in her own #7 car as to be in a different number car affects the issues & added cost to change all her merchandising products to a different car number not to mention the big issue which IS, changing the basic # 7 she IS recognised with for a very long time now? I hope Whitt can get FT sponsors as he is a talented young driver but its tough out there and maybe he will be only running PT with Danica PT in her own #7 car, course then they wont have the 2 FT cars they want, but sometimes what they plan doesnt always happen?? Lots of scenarios yet to play out looks like so we'll know when we know? 8-)

BTW-- at Danicas own main website they are having a 20+& OFF merchadise sale for everything with the #7 on it, so maybe that alone says it all--she is done with the #7? There are also those who believe she shouldnt be running more then one series as its too much of a burden for her to concentrate on both, so now, maybe thats the plan anyway--just Cup? :roll:
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