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2013 IndyCar Series Schedule

Sun Sep 30, 2012 8:54 pm

Here is the schedule for next year for the Indycar Series. There are a couple double-headers in the schedule this year. Again, Im not impressed. Too many road/streets compared to ovals... :(

March 24--St. Petersburg, Fla. (street course)
April 7--Barber Motorsports Park, Birmingham, Ala. (road course)
April 21--Long Beach, Calif. (street course)
May 5--Sao Paulo, Brazil (street course)
May 26--Indianapolis 500 (oval)
June 1-2--Detroit doubleheader (street course)
June 8--Texas Motor Speedway (oval)
June 15--Milwaukee (oval)
June 22--Iowa Speedway (oval)
July 7--Pocono (Pa.) Raceway (oval)
July 13-14--Toronto doubleheader (street course)
Aug. 4--Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course (road course)
Aug. 24-25--Sonoma Raceway (road course)
Sept. 1--Baltimore (street race)
Oct. 6--Houston - doubleheader (street race)
Oct. 12--Fontana, Calif. (oval)

Re: 2013 IndyCar Series Schedule

Sun Sep 30, 2012 10:03 pm

Baltimore is still questionable again but they wont admit it but articles confirm they are still having $$ issues. The tracks they are getting now are demanding high fees to put on the race as they know there wont be enough fans showing up or enough big $$ sponsors to cover costs, and as indycar is in the red anyway its only a matter of time before the idiots in charge bankrupts the series. Indycar is on a DH slide with the RB B.S. promoter in charge who knows didly about racing, but let them bragg and boast about nothing as thats all they can do with such garbage ratings and even worse this yr. They are taking away downforce on ovals which is what Indycars are all about so that shows the ignorance of those in charge. They probably wont stop till another tragedy happens as Mike Conway refused to drive the car for Fontana, course he almost died in a oval race yrs ago so his fears are real as he didnt like them taking away downforce, which is the dumbest thing I ever heard and Ive watched Indycar for 50 yrs, when it was alot better then the crappy parades now they call racing. Oh well--doesnt matter as its on a slow self destruct path anyway no matter how much they pay for tracks or for bogus promotion saying its better then ever--yeh--who they trying to convince with low turnout and garbage ratings, but keep spending $$$ telling people how great the series is--LMAO? Heres the first clue--IF a series is doing great they dont have to bragg about it and also Indycar lacking ovals is like a low class F1 series only without the class or excitement. 8-) My thoughts anyway.

Re: 2013 IndyCar Series Schedule

Mon Oct 01, 2012 8:24 am

great to see Pocono and Houston back on the schedule, as well as another shot for Milwaukee.

I wish they would widen Barber to accomodate for vehicles with more than 2 wheels.

I also think they could race at Indy twice a year....the 500, and then back again later on for a road course.

Would love them to get back at MIS to throw another oval in the mix

Re: 2013 IndyCar Series Schedule

Mon Oct 01, 2012 9:05 am

What's sad is this double-header is just a gimmick because they couldnt get any other venues it doesnt appear or in my opinion try for. This way they can say they have 19 races, not 16. Bernard really needed to push for more ovals for this schedule.

Re: 2013 IndyCar Series Schedule

Mon Oct 01, 2012 9:07 am

double headers aren't new, but hopefully they don't draw cards for starting spots on 2nd race this time. hopefully they just invert the field, or go by finishing order is your starting spot.

Re: 2013 IndyCar Series Schedule

Mon Oct 01, 2012 1:50 pm

racer1 wrote:Baltimore is still questionable again but they wont admit it but articles confirm they are still having $$ issues.

They announced today on the local news that Balmer's back in next year. Though it's gone how I predicted, sold well the first year as "everyone" came out to see the new event. This year, a sizeable decrease as the "novelty" wore off.(iffy weather didn't help either) I figure next year will be another drop off in attendance and that will be it. Especially with the way everybody bisches about how it disrupts the downtown area for four days or so.

Oh well, I enjoyed it...especially the American LeMans races, those actually turned out to be my favorites to watch live.
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