Post Sat Sep 15, 2012 6:49 pm

Pit Stall Selections

Tony has Stall #4 with Brad in front of him & Mark behind him. So he might be crowded all day in the pits during yellows.

Ryan is in stall #13 with Biffle in front of him & Balney behind him. So ryan should atleast have a clean entrance into his pit stall. if the biff is ahead of ryan. Ryan should have a clean exit. (lets hope his exit is cluttered)

Danica is in stall #21 with Gordon ahead of her, & Truex behind her. Dont figure her to be on the lead lap by the half way point so she should have a pretty clean pit stall.

& for Rochelle

Denny is in stall #7 with the 26 car in front of him & a clear spot behind him. He should have good entrance & exit all race long.