Post Mon Sep 03, 2012 10:21 pm

CC's that take charge.

No I am not talking of any SHR CCs.

One of the CCs I always thought was underrated & seems others get credit for the teams he has been on.
Alan Gustafson.
Gordon seems to get credit when they win & AG seems to get the blame for them not being in the chase. Does he crumble & get hurt feelings like TG does when Ryan gets mad?

After listening to Gordons pre-race comments I think it shows what kinda CC AG really is.
Gordon said he is ####, & let him (Gordon) & the team know it. Gordon even said AG scared him a lil bit. Gordon #### near won that race this weekend.
It always amazes me when you see the CCs out there are always contenders.
You dont think Chad has control of his team?
Now Some drivers arent so easily controlled but the CC should always be the forcefactor of the race teams.
Gordon also says he loves AG's vibe. So not only can they be a bit scared of him, but he can inspire them as well. To me that sounds like a leader I would kill to see on Ryans team!

BTW I also always loved AG's energy on the pit box.