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Kevin Conway’s official complaint

Tue Mar 08, 2011 2:21 pm

Kevin Conway’s official complaint against Robby Gordon alleges that Gordon punched him a couple of times Friday in the Las Vegas Motor Speedway garage, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Officer Bill Cassell said Monday night.

Cassell said he could not release the full report Monday but that Conway contacted the police department at about 6 p.m. on Friday and stated there was an altercation between him and Gordon. He filed a complaint alleging misdemeanor battery.

“[He reported] it was a physical altercation,” Cassell said in a phone interview. “There was a couple of punches thrown allegedly.”

It will be up to the Clark County district attorney’s office to decide whether to press charges, Cassell said. Cassell said he didn’t know if Gordon had been interviewed by the DA’s office.

Whether the district attorney’s office would puruse the case – a misdemeanor battery claim from an altercation between an out-of-state victim and an out-of-state suspect – remains to be seen.

Gordon, who declined comment Saturday on the incident, was placed on indefinite probation by NASCAR. Conway issued a statement Monday night saying that he did not provoke Gordon, whom Conway said ambushed him in the garage area.

“Situations like this are not good for our sport,” Conway said in his statement. “It’s one thing if we were racing each other and I wrecked him or he wrecked me, that’s an entirely different situation.

“It’s very unfortunate that he chose to physically attack me to address his rage. Our fans, sponsors and NASCAR expect and deserve more from our competitors than this bullish, illegal behavior that was displayed by Robby against me.”

Conway, who had sponsorship from Extenze, drove for Gordon in seven races in 2010 and they are in a legal battle over whether Extenze owes Gordon money for races driven by Gordon and whether Gordon owes Conway money for Conway’s winning Cup rookie-of-the-year honors.

Re: Kevin Conway’s official complaint

Tue Mar 08, 2011 2:34 pm

as the sprint cup turns... :mrgreen:

Re: Kevin Conway’s official complaint

Tue Mar 08, 2011 5:33 pm

Good analogy, Dani. Another daytime drama. :lol:

Re: Kevin Conway’s official complaint

Tue Mar 08, 2011 7:04 pm

I heard an interesting comment today regarding this incident on sirius nascar radio.....a caller suggested the reigning rookie of the year may have kissed his career goodbye....what do ya'll think???

Re: Kevin Conway’s official complaint

Tue Mar 08, 2011 7:30 pm

Robby has a bad rep[utation for violence around the garage area so maybe underneath Drivers & Owners are secretly happy about this. Ya never know. I have a pic somewhere when him & tony got into it. I have never liked him since. JMO

Re: Kevin Conway’s official complaint

Tue Mar 08, 2011 8:53 pm

I not a Robby Gordon fan by any means, but the more I read the more I think Conway is a putz! If he did get punched, so what. It couldnt have been very significant. He had no marks on him. then grandstand that illegal behavior crap. Sounds like he is posturing for his legal battle over the money. Then he didnt provoke it Mrs. Cleaver, he just ambushed me!?!?! Please. Conway is claiming Gordon owes him money not the other way around. Why would Robby run up & ambush Conway to say what? I am not gonna pay you? No reason for Robby to have that confrontation, unless provoked. Whoever posted about Conways Career. I think it definitely is gonna hurt his career. If I was an owner I would stay clear of that guy. The only way I would hire a cry baby tattle tail, is if he was the most talented guy in the garage. Which Conway is not. The more I read on this the more I think Conway is lying. In fact when I 1st read about it, I thought, I wouldnt put it past Robby to throw a punch. Now I am even starting to doubt that.

Re: Kevin Conway’s official complaint

Wed Mar 09, 2011 3:12 am

anyone who attacks someone and wants to do them bodily harm, is scum, doesnt matter what the other person says or acts, gordon is scum, he sues everyone he gets involved with cuz he dont hold his end of the bargin.

Re: Kevin Conway’s official complaint

Wed Mar 09, 2011 8:35 am

Somewhere I had posted about the money thing (in an article) Robby won't pay him until Extenze pays Robby. I think I remember it was around $27,000 that extenze owes Robby. Thats not a lot of money for Robby to withold payment to Kevin. Now, Thats just my opinion. I don't know Robby's financial status, but if you hire someone to do something for you, you need to pay them unless it is written in a contract that you don't pay until "your" paid.
I don't think that was the case. Everyone knows what a hot head Robby is and I also heard that Robby threw the punches first.
I guess we'll hear the real deal when it's over. BUT... Nascar put Robby on indefinate probation for this & they wouldn't have done that without an investigation as to whom was the agresssor. Again, JMO

Re: Kevin Conway’s official complaint

Wed Mar 09, 2011 9:08 am

Just got this from a friend:

NASCAR Assesses Penalty Against Robby Gordon; Gordon Fights Back

Last weekend, NASCAR quickly placed Robby Gordon on what it termed as an "indefinite probation" due to an altercation that Gordon had with Kevin Conway. The altercation appeared to be solely based on money that Conway's sponsor, Biotab Nutraceuticals (makers of ExtenZe and Alteril, amongst other brands), owes to Gordon for sponsorship from last season.

On Tuesday, NASCAR further clarified the situation.

In a press release, NASCAR announced that Gordon's probation will run through the end of 2011. Gordon's actions were determined to be a violation of Section 12-1 (Actions Detrimental to Stock Car Racing, Involvement in an altercation with another competitor in the garage).

However, Gordon does not agree with Conway's version of Friday's incident. He claimed in a statement on Tuesday that no punches were thrown and no injuries were suffered in the scuffle. Gordon also alleged that Conway willingly engaged in the scuffle. Also, no sponsor references were made in the statement.

Re: Kevin Conway’s official complaint

Wed Mar 09, 2011 10:42 am

Looks like a case of He said, she said...Conway is a wimp and I agree that his career is probably over

Re: Kevin Conway’s official complaint

Wed Mar 09, 2011 4:26 pm

FEUD OF THE WEEK: Robby Gordon vs. Kevin Conway

Robby Gordon switches to Dodge, plans call for 18-race schedule in 2011
Kevin Conway to drive for Nemco Motorsports at Daytona
Kevin Conway files battery complaint against Robby Gordon; Gordon placed on probation by NASCARIt is rare that a feud among NASCAR drivers is more about off-the-track disputes than on-the-track, fender-to-fender action.

But the rift between Robby Gordon and Kevin Conway, which led to an alleged physical confrontation in the garage at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, is about an owner-driver relationship that has gone sour.

It started with Conway joining Gordon’s Robby Gordon Motorsports team last August. It now involves two lawsuits and an apparent physical altercation that could lead to even more legal action.

Conway, through his Exclaim marketing company, brought the Extenze sponsorship to Sprint Cup racing in 2010 with Front Row Motorsports. By mid-August, Conway and Front Row had parted ways, with Front Row later suing Conway and Extenze over whether Extenze owes Front Row money for races after the 15th race of the season.

Conway then went to Gordon’s team, where he drove seven races. Gordon put himself in the car for three races, citing a clause about keeping the car in the top 35 in owner points. Extenze supposedly refused to pay because it never approved Gordon as the driver, according to court documents.

Gordon says Extenze owes him $690,000 and has sued Extenze. Conway, meanwhile, won the Sprint Cup rookie award, and has sued Gordon for his $29,000 share of the rookie money (which NASCAR pays to the owner, not the driver). Gordon said in an interview Saturday that he would gladly give Conway that money – if Extenze pays him what he feels he is owed.

The two drives then got into an altercation Friday at Las Vegas with Conway filing a battery complaint against Gordon with local police. Whether that investigation goes anywhere remains to be seen. It also wouldn’t prevent Conway from filing a civil suit.

Neither driver would talk about the specifics of what happened Friday, but the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department confirmed Monday that Conway alleged a couple of punches were thrown by Gordon. NASCAR has put Gordon on indefinite probation. Conway was not penalized, leaving the impression that Gordon was the one who crossed the line as far as any physical contact.

Gordon has ripped Conway in the media since the start of the season. Conway failed to make the Daytona 500 and has competed in one Nationwide Series race for Nemco Motorsports.

“The guys from Extenze, I can’t even believe they’re on the race track this weekend,” Gordon said before the Daytona 500. “How do you come around and just jack two teams, sign contracts and bounce checks [and still be here]? You just don’t do that.”

Whether Conway and Gordon ever race each other again remains to be seen. What appears for sure is that the two drivers could produce more fireworks, although Gordon, who is on probation, needs to be careful.

The probation covers all his actions, but NASCAR is more likely to look the other way if Gordon and Conway make contact on the track. Granted, Gordon can ill afford damage to his race cars, but he is the owner and if he wants to take that risk to get back at Conway, that just might happen.

And if they end up talking to each other outside the courtroom, media and bystanders might want to be ready to take photos or video with their phones.
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