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How about that Ty Dillon?



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Re: How about that Ty Dillon?

Same difference. His contract ended, they had no funds, they decided not to renew it. But yeah he is doing better than anyone at RCR but how long until MWR reverts back to their old ways?
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Re: How about that Ty Dillon?

From what I remember, Clint was shopping other teams with the 5 hour energy sponsor. RCR didn't take the bait or else Clint wasn't looking to stay. Maybe MWR was willing to take less money. I don't know all the circumstances, I'm just glad he's out of there cause he deserved better treatment.
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Re: How about that Ty Dillon?

i think wolf hit on something that RCR cup teams are faltering because Chilly is puting in alot of time with his grand kids, i dont fault him for that, id probably do the same thing, but they need to get a grasp, harvick is just holding on, the so called "closer" hasnt been in contention for a win in awhile, burton, i dunno if his time has passed or what, and no need to bring up menard, because as long as he has the bucks, he will always have a ride.
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Re: How about that Ty Dillon?

Paul Menard has come a long ways and Sam Hornish has as well,Jeff Burton hasn't done much since he was in the #99 Exide car at Roush.Don't get me wrong,i like the mayor,but Clint would have been a better choice.Richard told Clint 5hr.energy wasn't bringing enough to the table for a full season and if that were true-why is it working at MWR? :? The rumor mill has it Kurt Busch may be at RCR next year for a fourth team,that'll go over well with Harvick if that's true.The only way i see that happening is if he can bring a sponsor over to RCR or they can find one for him? Since Finch still doesn't have one,i can't help but wonder who'd sponsor Kurt? RCR can't compete now,why would they want to go to a fourth team unless they need someone to experiment. :)
The Dillion boys i suppose my grandfather would have done the same for me as i would for my own grandchildren,but my grandfather wouldn't have made it that easy for me.To say they are above the norm as drivers would be unrealistic and i don't see them as anything but average in top end equiptment.Harvicks time in the #2 RCR Bucsh series ride against Gregg Biffle, made the Dillions look like-well boring and very few wins is what i'm getting at.#### Dale Jr.and Kenseth years were great too!

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