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Roush still wants a fourth car in 2013

Wed Jul 11, 2012 8:54 pm

But if it happens, it won't be Trevor Bayne driving it.

Claire B Lang ‏@ClaireBLang:Jack Roush just told me on air on ‪#DialedIn‬ that he wants a fourth cup car in 2013 and isn't willing to give up on it.

Claire B Lang ‏@ClaireBLang:Roush tells me if he has 4th team, likely b driver from outside. Unless sponsor insisted on Trevor- he thinks Trevor needs more time in NW.

I guess Penske did it in 2009, had David Stremme in the #12 for a year then finally got Brad Keselowski from JRM/HMS. I could see Brian Vickers driving the 4th Roush car for just a season, maybe even Joey Logano. And then it'd be Bayne in the car in 2014.

But if they look for someone like Newman who'd want a long term deal then where the #### does that leave Bayne?

Plus the "Trevor needs more time in NNS" excuse is poor, he has about the same number of Nationwide starts as Stenhouse (84 vs. 89) and has 25 Cup starts. I think he's experienced enough and he's shown enough at the top level of Cup in a part time single-car team like the Wood Brothers that he'd do a good job right now in a 4th Roush car or the #22 Penske car.

Roush could end up the HMS in this deal, losing a good driver to Penske because they can't get him the full time ride that he deserves right now.
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Re: Rush still wants a fourth car in 2013

Wed Jul 11, 2012 8:58 pm

ya he is going to ruin the career of trevor, he wants to keep him signed, but doesnt do much in getting him a ride, let the kid go and race somewhere else, RFR is pretty much sayin trevor isnt a priority, kinda like what they did to matty......

Re: Roush still wants a fourth car in 2013

Wed Jul 11, 2012 9:46 pm

Roush only cares about Carl and Ricky. Biffle hasn't left because he has no where else really to go and is content.

I hope this enough for Trevor to want to leave. He is Penske perfect.

Re: Roush still wants a fourth car in 2013

Thu Jul 12, 2012 1:10 pm

Yeah and I would like win the lottery too!! He can't find sponsorship for the three he's got! :x I just hope someone picks up Trevor, he needs to find a different team. He is spinning his wheels there......
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