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Re: Congrats to Nelson Piquet Jr

palino_s wrote:
michaeljohn wrote:a fluke???? kinda like jamie mac, bottom line JV won a world championship, but everything you dislike you have to discredit to make yourself feel better, he won more indy races than danica, and knowing he dumped her and you wanted to cry, makes my day..... go JV, go sammy, better women out than her, she just happens to have a kinda cute face and a body of a 12 yr old boy (kenny wallace) that says alot about the guys who fawn all over her, hahahaha

For first - after read your last sentence, I know something about you - You dont have brain..

About Mr. Villeneuve - I am IndyCar, NASCAR and Formula One fan.. I remember every his whole career.. He IS fluke champion.. In IndyCar he won championship because Penske had problems with car, they didnt qualify in Indy500 or Little Al was nearly disqualified in Portland.. He also won Indy500 only because leader Scott Goodyear was PENALIZED (6 or 7 laps to end). Also his Formula One Championship is fluke.. He had DOMINATED car, but M. Schumacher nearly beats him with average car, because he made some stupid thinks - he wrecks himself 3 or 4 races and he also IGNORED YELLOW FLAGS on many practices.. Result was: he was DISQUALIFIED from Japanese race and FIA didnt park him because he was championship contender.. Same problem had in IndyCar. In Phoenix he IGNORED YELLOW FLAGS, he ran on full speed to middle of wreck. Hiro Matsushita was lucky, Jacques nearly killed him..

After season 1997 he never won race, he won only one pole (last year NW race in Montreal).. In 2001 Australian race, he ran into R. Schumacher. They crashed and tire from his car KILLED track marshall. In 2003 he didnt complete season because he was fired.. His return was silly, team fired him after three races.. Last his Formula One team Sauber hired him for season 2005.. They fired him in the middle of next season..

His whole career is about crashing - he crashed himself or other driver, he ignored yellow flags and dangerous on track many times, his racing killed track marshall..

I didnt know much of that. It just shows the type of driver he is, & explains his asinine comments after the race.
A talented driver with no brain is a dangerous combo.