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Holy Crap!



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Re: Holy Crap!

michaeljohn wrote:since im the local HMS scholar, just a tid bit of info, they threw the 88 team in with the 48, so that chad had to babysit them, thats why i wasnt a big fan of the move last year, i felt it would take away from the 48, cant say it did or not, but didnt help, i have nothing personally against Jr, he seems like a great guy, im glad he won, but the media SHUT UP for 5 mins!

I agree with everything you say and thus proves my theory the #88 cheated! :lol: :lol: Junior has talent,but just how much we may never know unless he does it for himself and the team rather than focusing so much on living in the past or hanging out elsewhere while he is suppose to be at the track.Doesn't appear Steve is anything but the right c/c for him as i don't hear much about the things Jr.use to do anymore.Now who the #### am i suppose to drink with now? :mrgreen:


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Re: Holy Crap!

Schmoopy1000 wrote:
Smokeshow14 wrote:Just because you go to a big team doesn't guarantee success. I remember Martin Truex Jr said a few years back fans would be like "oh go to Hendrick or Gibbs" and he said "well it isn't easy as that." You have to have the complete package. A good team, and good crew chief, a good pit crew. I am sure that he looked himself in the mirror and asked himself what he would change, and has became more dedicated than ever. But he has shown that he is a very talented driver. He has won races, contended for championships. He is a championship contender this year as well. When he first came to Hendrick he had Tony Eury Jr which is like Tony Gibson but twice as bad. Then he got Lance Mcgrew who has never cut it in the Cup series. He finally got a crew chief that he could work with, was in the same building as the 48 too. The fact of the matter is, the majority of Cup drivers are very talented. There are really 25 drivers that are good enough to win each and every week. What separates a championship contender from a midpacker are the teams. Haven't you seen a driver run mediocre than all of a sudden he gets going like gang busters? The driver didn't get better.

I agree & disagree. Jrs CC's you mentioned didnt have the balls to make Dale Jr. do his leg work to help the team get him a good car. Therefore they were inferior CC's for Jr. Put McGrew or Eury Jr. with a different type of driver & they would do ok. I dont think they are top notch by any means but looked worse as Dale Jr's CC. What his current CC has done is make Dale Jr a better driver. this wasnt from giving him better cars, but by making Dale Jr do his homework so to speak, instead of just being lazy. Where the CC didnt get over the hump with Gordon, he was what Jr needed. Not since Eury Sr. has anyone "told" Jr what he was going to be doing. I remember back when McGrew would say so is the car doing this or that, & all Jr could say is I dont know, how would I know that, it is just driving like crap, it is your job to fix it!
Now Jr is held accountable for information, & he has improved immensely. Jr should buy his CC a very expensive Christmas gift LOL.

I agree with that. Jr admitted that he regrets letting Tony Sr go to Mikey's team in 2005. Because Tony Sr was able to control Jr, tell what to do, and Jr did it. It is because he sees him like a father (Tony Sr is his uncle). Jr is type of driver that needs someone to keep him in check. That is how he performs the best. LeTarte was willing to do that with Jr and it is paying off.
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