Post Fri Jun 15, 2012 12:30 am

Kyle Larson

I saw him on the race hub a few days ago. The first time I have seen him in an interview. Man he is cocky as ####. Instead of allowing Steve Brynes talk him up, he talked himself up. He talked about how he won in all the open wheel dirt series last year and that Tony Stewart was the only driver to do that. Then he added that "I did it in one year though." He talked about how good he is and how he has been able to jump from racecar to race and win. Brynes asked him about his weaknesses and strengths (I bet he got the cocky vibe from him too). Larson replied with one weakness and four different strength.

I already don't like him before he has made a start in one of NASCAR's top 3 divisions. He is lucky he is good.
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RIP Dan Wheldon
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