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David Reutimann will drive the 51



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Post Tue Jun 05, 2012 10:08 pm

David Reutimann will drive the 51

TBR in conjunction with James Finch is letting David drive the 51 this weekend at Pocono. I hope he does well he deserves something good to happen to him. On RACEHUB tonight Bob Dilner said Kurt could permanently be out of a ride depending on the meeting he has with James Finch this week. Things need to turn around quickly, because I think James and Phoenix racing has reached their limit. Kurt has wrecked 14 cars since he started, plus all his other problems.
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Post Tue Jun 05, 2012 11:58 pm

Re: David Reutimann will drive the 51

James Finch had some interesting comments. He said that he felt the suspension was petty. But that Kurt is a loose canon and needs to change. He also said that Kurt has been trying to call him but he isn't picking up. He says that things are going to need to change for Kurt to stay and that he is tired of Kurt crusing his guys out on the radio. It sounds like this meeting next tuesday will determine if Kurt Busch will remain in the 51. Reutimann and Vickers are up for the ride if he doesn't. Finch says that if Kurt says the right things that he will stay.

I wish they had given a natinonwide driver the call since Reutimann has a ride. But Reutimann should do a good job.
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