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Just Wondering



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Post Sun Jun 03, 2012 12:35 pm

Just Wondering

This morning while driving near I 96/I 69 I saw a hauler that had Outlaw Sprint Cars on the side parked at a motel near the exits of the interstates. Now does anyone know if there is something going on in central Michigan or would this be a team going somewhere else? The truck was as big as what the cup cars are hauled in so it would certainly have more than one inside the truck. I don't know anything about the Out Law cars but it would be interesting to find out.

I looked up Out Law cars and found out that the I 96 Speedway about 30 miles from here had a race last night and Tony Stewarts race team of Steve Kinser and Donny Shotz were to be there. There was a race also Friday in Ohio. I wish I had pulled into that parking lot to see if Tony's name or whose name was on the hauler. My bad!!! :(
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Re: Just Wondering

Dang! I was just asking someone else if they still raced the WOO at the I-96 Speedway. Shoot, I would have went because you're right, its just down the road! First time I've ever seen the WOO was at the track. I remember being awfully dirty when that race was over!

It's cool that you got to see the hauler.
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