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My rant (Aimed towards the media mostly)

Fri May 11, 2012 2:27 pm

The media that NASCAR has is like most media. They give their thoughts, conduct interviews, and commentate. Like any other media form they are biased. Jeff Gluck once said that Tony Stewart is one #### of a driver, but he thinks he is jerk. You see that shows up in your writing. All networks are biased. Fox, ESPN, TNT, Speed, etc. All publications and sites are biased too. When Jimmie Johnson was dominating, it was like you couldn't stop reading nice articles about him. That is because the media loves him. JJ is a drone in a way. He says the right thing and doesn't offer his opinions in a polarizing way. So the media is happy when he wins. You can tell that. They want him to do well. VS someone like Tony Stewart. Most media members don't like him. They feel that he is rude and look for anyway to throw him under the bus. If Tony wasn't so good and popular, then he wouldn't even be talked about I believe because the media doesn't like covering him. The media aslo will take a story and exploit the #### out of it. The Tiger Woods thing is a great example. Adultery is wrong and he may be a pig. But in reality he is a guy who wanted to get some. But they made him into Hitler. Another example is with what happened to Kyle Busch last year. What he did at Texas was the worst thing I've seen a driver do to another driver, and he deserved to be parked hands down. But they must have replayed that wreck like 200 times over the weekend. They did that because they tried to make it into some big #### controversy. And it was replayed a ton over the last two races of the season. The media takes a story and runs with it because there aren't enough headlines to talk about. That's what it's called News Media because it is for the entertainment value. One thing I don't like and this for fans too are when people dismiss a driver. Saying they suck, aren't talented enough, they are rude, or crazy. I hate it when someone says someone sucks or are crazy. That is dismissive. I think people take for granted how hard it is to win a Cup race. Tony Stewart and Kyle Busch just make it look easy. These are people's lively hoods. They've worked all their lives to get to this level. Brad Keselowski is a perfect example of how much depth is really in Cup. This guy finished 25th in points in his first season. He had only two top tens, and they both finishes of 10th. After 12 races in 2011, he was 26th in points. Every had written him off saying that he was never going to do anything in Cup. Then he goes on a tear, wins three races, and finishes fifth in points. Now the guy has two wins right now. Anyone of these drivers in the top 25, maybe top 27 could do that easily. Their teams have to provide them with the cars though. Brad didn't all of a sudden just learn how to drive. His cars just got better. People underestimate the value of a good team. I don't care how good you are, if you are not on a good team, your not going to do well (see Kurt Busch). Fast cars go fast, and all these drivers are champions and know how to do so. And the learning curve to drive one of these cars is hard. People criticize Danica Patrick. Saying she lacks talent, that she is popular for nothing. She is popular because she is making it a man's world. In all seriousness she is somewhat of a pioneer. But instead of admiring her, people choose to hate. We have become a society that prefers to hate. The thing about calling someone crazy is annoying. We saw Kurt Busch just lash out at Jerry Punch. Kurt Busch was the radio sweetheart last year. We heard him lash out on the radio people just felt he was crazy. People are not crazy. People do think differently, do have struggles as well. Instead of people being crazy, maybe it is the environment that they are in that is sick.
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Re: My rant (Aimed towards the media mostly)

Fri May 11, 2012 3:05 pm

A lot of things I would want to touch on in your post, but decided not too.
Instead I will just add to your post. None of which are as deep as your points.

I hate when the media agrees no matter what with Nascar, no matter how retarded nascar is being.
Nascar & the media are worried about the Money Machine, not the racing or real opinions.

My other pet peeve. Whenever they do an interview with Ryan Newman, it seems to always be about (or it turns into) Tony or Danica. How about have more than the 1st question be about Ryan, when interviewing Ryan. Better yet. How about when interviewing Tony or Danica, ask them to talk about Ryan. Talking about being an anti-media Darling.

Oh & one other thing. They should never allow Spencer & Kyle petty to talk on TV ever again! :mrgreen: (God they drive me crazy hearing them)

Re: My rant (Aimed towards the media mostly)

Fri May 11, 2012 3:14 pm

i think kyle petty does a better job than most, he isnt like the fox guys and repeat something and beat it into the ground by the end of the weekend, fox crew are phonies, in 2010, they were calling JJ the "closer" because of what he was doing at the beginning of that year, next year its harvick, and now they still call him the closer. i never liked that term, even when they pinned it on JJ, because if ya think about it, anyone that wins a race is a closer.

Re: My rant (Aimed towards the media mostly)

Fri May 11, 2012 3:16 pm

With the media always agreeing with NASCAR I hate that too. But I understand why. The media can't bash the sport they cover. NASCAR is ultra sensitive when someone makes one remark about the sport (Ryan Newman, Denny Hamlin and Brad Keselowski are prime examples). They want to make everything seem peechy keen. Well that's not how the world works. In reality the racing is as bland as ever. And it isn't because of lack of cautions either. There is no side by side racing. It's follow the leader. I watch racing to watch passing, not parade racing. And then they force side by side racing at the plate tracks by taking their cooling away and a bunch of b.s happens.

As for Ryan being asked about Tony and Danica. Unless your Tony, Jr, Danica, Jeff Gordon, Kyle Busch, Kurt Busch, Mark Martin, or Jimmie Johnson, that will always happen. I remember when Jamie McMurray was in the hollywood hotel during the rain delay at Daytona. They asked him a little about his 2011 season and a little bit about what his team was doing to get better. But then they started talking about Kyle Busch's saves at Daytona and asked him "wasn't that great?' "Have you ever seen anything like that?" I bet he was thinking "Yeah at Vegas 2009." The headline drivers get talked about the most.

As for Spencer and Kyle Petty. I actually like Spencer at times. He is entertaining, and sometimes even is insightful. Kyle Petty is a very opinionated guy. I don't really care for his opinions though. They feel forced in a way and he comes across as a dick imo.

As for nicknames. Well there is no real point. Like MJ says, anyone who wins a race is a closer. It's just the fox guys trying to create something for a driver that they didn't necessarily ask for.

Re: My rant (Aimed towards the media mostly)

Sat May 12, 2012 10:58 am

I think it is called filling time on TV. I think sometimes they wind these guys up and they spill their brains out. Depending on the brain, it can be good or it can go terribly wrong. I sometimes wonder if I am watching the same race they are commenting on. I like Dale Jarrett, Andy Petrie and Brad Daughtry, they have brains and personality. John Roberts is the only one I care for on Speed. On Fox, the Waltrip brothers are entertaining and I enjoy them in small doses. I can not stand Larry Mc Reynolds at all. Now that I have vented I feel better.

Totally off the subject, but I love the commercials with Mikey and Mark. They are priceless! Tony's Mobil 1 with Lewis Hamilton are great too! JR's Diet Dew commercials are another of my favorites. Clint's are funny too! As you can see I am easily entertained. :lol: :lol:

Re: My rant (Aimed towards the media mostly)

Sat May 12, 2012 11:09 am

Annalee wrote:Totally off the subject, but I love the commercials with Mikey and Mark. They are priceless! Tony's Mobil 1 with Lewis Hamilton are great too! JR's Diet Dew commercials are another of my favorites. Clint's are funny too! As you can see I am easily entertained. :lol: :lol:

I like the Mikey & Mark Aaron's commercials, too. At least Mikey can laugh at himself.

The one I can't stand is the NW commercial where Danica tells Dale to "go long" and ending with, "Looks like her ride home vanished, too." It's aired too often and it's like chalk on a blackboard to me. :x

Re: My rant (Aimed towards the media mostly)

Sat May 12, 2012 11:26 am

I like all the posts regarding the rant. I don't think the media gives a dam$ what the public wants or cares about. It's a war out there for the media and they don't even clear what they think are facts before spilling it out. As for racing reporters has even one legitimate reporter ever set foot in a race car? I'm not talking about the Waltrips as they don't let us forget Michael is a 2 time champion for winning the 500 and his older brother is 3 TIME CHAMP and Hall of Fame member and there are a few others. The ones that give color are okay to be there but please NASCAR stay out of the media. Most sports talk about what is going on now not what someone did 3 months ago or if they rag on someone just because they don't like them. Tony doesn't brown nose and that is one reason they are into his face. My local paper never writes much about racing except when they race at MIS but last week they ran the big story on his straight faced rant. What was the reason for that besides filling space?
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