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Panic time for anyone?

The season is 7 races old and the thing that are same are that Tony Stewart is still winning and Earnhardt Ganassi is still lost. I've been reading and hearing that drivers like Kyle Busch, Jeff Burton, Jeff Gordon, Juan Pablo Montoya, Jamie McMurray, and Kasey Kahne (like how I put their names in order of who is ahead of who in points?) Should be worried about their post season hopes with 19 races left until the chase. Only reason I left Kurt Busch out is because I doubt Finich's cars are good enough to get him into the top 20 in points.

Anyway there is Kyle Busch. He hasn't been bad, just not great. Luke warm at best. Aside from Auto Club and Phoenix Kyle hasn't really done much and we don't know what he could have done at Bristol. They however shouldn't have to panic for their post season hopes. 14th in points with the wild card in place is a decent spot, and Shrub has yet to go winless in a season. He'll be fine.

Jeff Burton however should be worried. Because he is pretty much performing like he did last year. RCR kinda just seems on the down swing. Harvick isnt closing like before a d Menard is having is performance fade eariler then usual.

There is Jeff Gordon. I never got the hollering over his bad luck. If you can lead over 300 laps in one race, your in great shape. He just needs finishes. He is actually around in points where he was last season. He showed at Texas that his 24 team has overall speed. He'll be fine.

Juan Pablo Montoya should be worried and optomistic. The 42 team is pretty much brand new except for the driver. Earnhardt Ganassi is just lost right now, but there is a possibility of a mid season resurgence. JPM could win at a road course or Indy. Just wonder if Chip will make another crew chief change on the 42. Juan seems to like them a lot.

Jamie McMurray should be just like JPM, worried and optomistic. Except for him and Bono returning the 1 team is pretty brand new too. Their 1.5 mile performance is better, but struggles at Martinsville, one of his best tracks doesn't show promise. Darlington and Charoltte are coming up and they are great tracks for him as Indy is good for him too and are good shots for wins. But EGR right now is a D grade team.

Kasey Kahne should be very worried and just go for wins. All the other drivers mentioned are close to being within a race of the top ten in points. Kahne is still very far from the top 20 in points. This team had been good just lacking finishes. He's won at Richmond, is good at Darlington, and strong at Charoltte so those a possible wins. Texas was the second time they put a whole race togetjer and they got their first top ten so that's a step in the right direction. Brad K's rally from 28th in points should give them hope.
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