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Current Crew Chief Victories



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Current Crew Chief Victories

#48-Chad Knaus, 53 [2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 Champ]
[Darian Grubb won 2 races when Knaus was suspended, Johnson has 54 wins]
#10-Greg Zippadelli, 34 [2002, 2005 Champ]
#17-Jimmy Fenning, 31 [2004 Champ]
#9-Todd Parrott, 30 [1999 Champ]
#99-Bob Osborne, 18
#14-Steve Addington, 17
#11-Darian Grubb, 15 [2 as a sub for #48-Knaus in 2006, 1 with #25-Mears; 11 with #14]]2011 Champ]
#32-Frank Stoddard, 14
#83-Doug Richert, 14 [1980 Champ]
#5-Kenny Francis, 13
#24-Alan Gustafson, 12
#33-Gil Martin, 11
#47-Todd Berrier, 11
#88-Steve Letarte, 10
#18-Dave Rogers, 7
#21-Donnie Wingo, 7
#10-Tommy Baldwin Jr., 5
#27-Richard 'Slugger' Labbe, 5
#43-Greg Erwin, 5
#1-Kevin Manion, 4
#2-Paul Wolfe, 3
#31-Drew Blickensderfer, 3
#29-Shane Wilson, 2
#36-Ryan Pemberton, 2 [1 with #01 team in 2004]
#39-Tony Gibson, 2
#49-Tony Furr, 2
#55-Rodney Childers, 2
#15-Brian Pattie, 1
#78-Pete Rondeau, 1
#93-Scott Eggleston, 1 [with Michael Waltrip - Daytona 500]


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Re: Current Crew Chief Victories

TG is pretty far down that list. :(
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Re: Current Crew Chief Victories

In all the crew chief swap that happened, the thing that I really am trying to understand is that SHR needed an extra crew chief for Danica. Right now they are using Zippy as a fill in until they find some one else, why did they let Darian go? If they thought there was a problem with TG, why did they let Darian go? I think Darian was part of the deal with JGR to get Zippy. jmo. I liked Darian, but I didn't have to work with him. Tony seems so much more relaxed with Steve, they are a great match. This is a reach I know, but I am still trying to figure this whole swap crew chief thing out. any opinions??......


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Re: Current Crew Chief Victories

I think Darian is a great crew chief, but he was not secure enough or felt comfortable telling the driver this is what we doing. I guess the way I phrased it before, he didn't tell Tony shut up and drive I've got the set up and other stuff. I think when he knew he was not going to be back at SHR he was more comfortable telling Tony things and making calls rather than asking Tony what he wanted.

I think it would be hard for Darian to have stayed at SHR being reduced to only a part-time CC. I still do not understand why TG has a job, but as I said before they basically were functioning without a competition director long before Bobby left. Now that Zippy is there he can provide the much needed kick in the butt to TG. At least I am hoping that is what happens. I guess I look at it as Gene Haas loves racing but well until teaming up with Tony had struggled in his decisions regarding his race team. Being a driver/owner Tony is not able to monitor everything happening during the race and if Ryan is/was always supporting TG and not saying he sucks well it was an issue. Hopefully with Zippy having the time to observe he will be able to say, yes Ryan has a great relationship with TG but he sucks.

I think Darian and Denny will be a good fit, just like I think Steve and Tony will be a good fit. Steve has the quiet this is what we are doing and can take Tony's outbursts(Steve dealt with Krylie and Kurt he can handle Tony).

Now if we could just get Ryan to admit TG sucks and find a replacement. I know driver/cc relationship and trust is important but the guy just is not cutting it.
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