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What makes a driver?



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Post Thu Mar 15, 2012 7:35 pm

What makes a driver?

They asked this question to a few drivers on the Race Hub? What do you guys think?

I think that all drivers that make it to Cup, F1, IRL, or Grand Am have the God given talent to be there. Some drivers can do things that others can't, but they are all talented if your a Tony Stewart or a David Ragan. You also have to keep working on your skills and continue to get better. What divides drivers are the little things that makes a great driver, a good driver, and an average driver. Plus that quality of cars you drive will always be a factor.

I also think you can learn to be a good driver. That if you become a workhorse and work at it and study the sport on and off the track, that you can be good. There are also late bloomers. Some people take some time adjusting to racing in the Cup series. I think you can learn the feel you need in a race car, and a good sense of your surroundings, and a good sense of what the cars around you are going to do. That is what entry level racing series are for.
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Re: What makes a driver?

I agree that once you hit the big time racing, it is because you are a talented driver. At one point & time, the driver made the team. It was much easier to figure out who was the best by seeing who was doing the best. Nowadays though, I think the driver is just one auto part of the team. In fact driving ability actually takes a back seat to the importance of the driver, to the communication of the driver. F-1 & Indy cars have on board cpu's to help figure out what the cars are doing. In Cup the driver is the onboard Cpu. So it is possible for the driver that relays that to be better than the driver that can "drive" the car. Nowadays it is all about how good the team is than how good the driver is. :(
Nowadays when gauging a driver, it is over one particular move in a race, which makes the differences between drivers. That particular move isnt always at the end of a race neither. So unless you are just solely paying attention to how a driver is driving the race track, vs. how they are doing on the race track. (two totally different things) It would be real hard to rate one driver vs. another in this day & age of racing.

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