Post Sun Nov 20, 2011 1:27 am

Pit Stall Selections

Tony will be pitting in Stall #16 with Joe Nemo in front of him & Landon Cassil behind him. Figure the 87 wont be on lead lap for long so Tony should have an easy exit from pitroad. Cassil might stay on the lead lap, but if Tony is in contention for the title he will be ahead of Cassil sso Tony will have a good entrance to pitroad.

Ryan Newman will pit in stall #37 with Bobby Labonte ahead of Ryan & Ragan behind him. I figure Ryan to be ahead of Bobby so Ryan wont have a good exit out of his pits as long as Bobby stays on the lead lap, & Ragan could be up with the leaders or anywhere in the field, so not sure if Ryan will have a clean entrance to pit road. Sad thing for Ryan is everyone he is racing for points against all have nice pit stalls.

Carl Edwards has the #1 pit stall. Enough said about that spot.

Anyhow looks like Tony is sitting pretty in his pit spot, so no worries about some ford blocking Tony in.