Post Sat Oct 08, 2011 4:08 pm

Pit Stall Selections

the #14 team picked Stall #32. In front of him is the 36 car. I believe he will not be on the lead lap deeper into the race so Tony shouldny have trouble getting out of his pits late when it counts. Pitting behind him is, the 46 car which I think is a start & park car, but even if he runs the race Tony should be in front of him the whole race so Tony should have easy access entering his pits.

The #39 team picked stall #22. The 1st pit past the Start/Finish line. In front of Ryan is the 66 car which I believe is a start & park car, so he should have a clear exit out of the pits. The good news about being the 1st car past the start/finish line is there is a small gap behind his pitstall for the TV cameras, so he should have plenty of room to get in his pits even if Vickers is in front of Ryan who pits behind Ryan.

Both SHR cars shouldnt have to worry about entering their pits or being blocked coming out by races end.