Post Sun Sep 04, 2011 5:39 pm

De Silverstro

Wow, 2 horrible calls by her pits ruins her day. She drove up to 4th place. She should have pitted on the last caution, but didnt. I think she could have still salvaged a top 5 at this point. She had to create a huge enough gap so when she pitted, she wouldnt be at the back of the pack. She pitted as the leader due to the top three pitting under green. Now she didnt have a big enough gap to come back out in front, but it looked like to me she could have came back out in 5th or 6th, except for her team decided to completely fill her fuel tank, when it was figured they only needed 3.4 seconds of fuel. So she came out in 14th. Finished 12th (I think) Back to back horrible calls by heer team , has to be heartbreaking!
I think if she pitted earlier she might have finished 2nd.

Tough day for the most talented woman in Indy Cars