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Re: Danica @ SHR - 2013

Thu Aug 25, 2011 8:30 pm

Danica Patrick To Compete In NASCAR Sprint Cup Series For Stewart-Haas Racing

Racing superstar Danica Patrick will run a limited NASCAR Sprint Cup Series schedule for Stewart-Haas Racing in 2012 with sponsorship from Go Daddy.

The number of races and specific venues where Patrick will drive an SHR-prepared Chevrolet Impala will be announced at a later date… as well as her car number.

“We can finally put the rumors to rest, I’m going to drive full-time in NASCAR with Go Daddy next year.

http://www.facebook.com/#!/notes/stewar ... 2472997401

Re: Danica @ SHR - 2013

Thu Aug 25, 2011 9:28 pm

michaeljohn wrote:
jamo14 wrote:
michaeljohn wrote:soon a danica thread will be added to the site, and all will be well....

for you JAM..................

Thanks a bunch Matt Foley!
How's your van holdin up??????? 8-)

Re: Danica @ SHR - 2013

Fri Aug 26, 2011 12:25 am

its tuff living down by the river, someone stole my bubble window, and my 8 track player and the one tape i had, barry manilow's greatest hits

Re: Danica @ SHR - 2013

Fri Aug 26, 2011 2:31 pm

smokieonefour wrote:
wolfgang wrote:
tlmerk wrote:I agree with your points re. Brad (but I think it may be just you, Smokie and me that feel that way on this site). And I don't even know that Tony doesn't like Brad. I haven't heard anything, though I don't read everything. And just because he might have #### Tony off during a race doesn't mean Tony doesn't like him in general. Heck, I think he is a lot like Tony (up to the propensity to get into wrecks in his younger days and his "tell it like it is" don't really want to back down attitude-- oh yeah, and the most important this-- RAW TALENT BABY! Tony had/has it and so does Brad. I saw that when a couple years ago and he's only getting better and better equipment helps, but I said that about him last year on this site. Get that boy into better equipment and he is going to kick some butt when he graduates from Nationwide. I really like almost all the young kids coming up (and most of them are more "likeable" than Brad), but IMO no one has the talent he does.

I think Brad would be awesome at SHR.

Don't know whether or not Tony likes Brad myself,i was useing him as a referance.Don't know what you mean by it's just me,unless you are referring to my merley mortal opinion of Danica and i agree it appears it is just me? :) Once i thought i was wrong,but i was just mistaken. ;) I'm not going to say it,but i think Brad is better than----------------------------------------------ahh,most i've seen in a long time.Nascar doesn't need Danica as she hasn't helped fill the stands in the IRL,however,i do believe alot of people are going to be curious and even myself as to what she can or can't do or how she reacts in differant situations even.The one thing for sure is,it's going to be interesting and it's a plus for Nascar.That's as far as i can go Tlmerk,i don't dislike her,but the media frenzy is blowing this way out of out of the water if you ask me.Danica doesn't need all the pressure and we don't need to expect something we may never see.

I think she meant that you, her ( TLMerk) and myself are some of the few BK fans, on this site. :-) Smokeshow says he likes him... and there's probably a handful that like BK, but just don't say anything. I agree with what you both said about BK and kind of wish HE would come to SHR,and not Danica.

Having just said that... since Danica WILL drive a handful of Sprint Cup races for SHR....1) I hope the best for her, for SHR and 2) I'm gonna have to almost begrudgingly like her, simply because she's on the team now. LOL That's a joke - where is the sarcasm font? ? But I'm actually a little mixed on her. I like how she races, learns and goes up at the right time, kind of like following in Tony's footsteps .... but dang it.... I just HATE all the sex related ads she does. Sex sells and everything else walks, yeah I get that.... but jeez.... it just seems to sell herself a little short, by doing it. I wish she would stop... then I could really get behind her as a fan. :-)

Yep, Smokie, you were right all the way in your comments (starting with the fact that I was saying the only BK fans I know on this site are Wolfgang, you and me, though I am sure there are others who just aren't vocal about it). But gosh, if I don't agree with everything you said about Danica too! It's like I could have written your words.

I'm kind of interested in seeing how she does next year. She could shake things up for NASCAR and SHR. Or she could go "home" with her tail between her legs. I hope she kicks butt out there. Tony seems to be business savvy so I think from that standpoint, he probably made a wise decision.

Re: Danica @ SHR - 2013

Fri Aug 26, 2011 9:53 pm

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Re: Danica @ SHR - 2013

Thu Sep 01, 2011 9:41 am

Since her move to Nationwide in 2010, to date (today 9/1/11)

60 Nationwide Races
22 of those races she's raced in
For 2010 she went 14/35

Finished 35th....accident, went 58 laps....started 15th (2/3/10)
Finished 31st.... -3 laps down....started 36th (2/20/10)
Finished 36th....accident, went 82 laps....started 37th

Did Not Race:

Finished 30th....-5 laps down....started 25th (6/2610)

Did Not Race:

Finished 24th....-2 laps down.... started 28th (7/9/10)

Did Not Race:

Finished 27th....-4 laps down....started 33rd (8/14/10)

Did Not Race:

Finished 35th....accident, went 106 laps....started 42nd. (9/25/10)

Did Not Race:

Finished 30th....accident, went 141 laps....started 14th (10/9/10)
Finished 21st....-2 laps down....started 18th (10/15/10)
Finished 22nd...-7 laps down....started 41st (10/23/10)
Finished 22nd...-3 laps down....started 28th (11/6/10)
FInished 33rd....-7 laps down....started 28th (11/13/10)
Finished 19th.....started 5th


Her only good race of her first year was the last race of the season, no laps down & no accidents.
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Re: Danica @ SHR - 2013

Thu Sep 01, 2011 9:48 am

2011 Nationwide Races: 8/25 to date

Finished 14th....-1 lap down....started 4th (2/19/11)
Finished 17th....-3 laps down...started 20th (2/26/11)
Finished 4th.....started 22nd (3/5/11)
FInished 33rd....accident, went 245 laps... started 29th (3/19/11)

Did Not Race:

Finished 10th....-1 lap down...started 16th (6/4/11)

Did Not Race:

Finished 10th....started 7th (7/1/11)

Did Not Race:

Finished 24th......started 25th (8/20/11)

Did Not Race:


Her best races so far

Finished 10th....started 7th (7/1/11)

Then there 2 other races where there was no oopses

Re: Danica @ SHR - 2013

Thu Sep 01, 2011 10:06 am


You are distorting the facts. You say to date, but you only show for 2010. What about 2011.

Danica has 3 Top ten finishes out of the seven races that she has been in this year. Those must count for something.

Her average start in 2010 was 27th with an average finish of 28th. In 2011 her average start has been 18th with an average finish of 16th.

Vegas......#4...March 5th
Chicago...#10..June 4th
Daytona...#10..July 1st
These three races are where she finished at, on what date, at what track.

Re: Danica @ SHR - 2013

Thu Sep 01, 2011 10:21 am

Okay you added 2011 while I was posting my figures and comparing both 2010 and 2011 at the same time. But yours is a little confusing to read with where she did race and didn't race and where she had accidents and went laps down. Good grief, I am no fan of Danica, but give the woman a chance to prove herself. By looking at the numbers as of right now, she has made some good strides over last year when you read my short post versus your two mile long posts.

Re: Danica @ SHR - 2013

Thu Sep 01, 2011 10:46 am

Sorry Beaver it's so long. That's just how I written it down as I looked info up.

I don't only look at where she finished, being laps down is nothing to smile about, that's not a performing car/race.

I know she's in her other race class still, but she's by no means ready for Cup.

Re: Danica @ SHR - 2013

Thu Sep 01, 2011 10:54 am

She is going to race all season next year in Nationwide and 8 to 10 races or about a 1/4 of the season in Cup. This will give her some experience. It will also show Tony as the year goes on if she is really ready for the jump. Nothing has been inked for a permanent ride in Cup for 2013 as far as I know.

Re: Danica @ SHR - 2013

Thu Sep 01, 2011 12:06 pm

there are a few drivers racing out there that are not cup ready, but there is no outrage to them driving like it is with danica, people wanna hate because its easy to hate, they never recognize the fact she actually has talent, how could anyone with a pretty face actually have talent.............

Re: Danica @ SHR - 2013

Sat Sep 03, 2011 9:31 pm

Danica has one win and one top five points season in near eight years in the IRL with a top five team. Danica has one top five in the NW series and Jennifer Jo Cobb has one in alot less funded equiptment.Tony has a thing for Danica as so does her husband,so we can put that rumor to rest,cuz i don't see Tony as a low life running with a married woman.Go-Daddy comes with Danica and Tony wants a third team and is willing to help Danica all he can to get that third team and keep it.End of Story! Danica, the talented Superstar? :roll: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: GO TONY GO RYAN! Those are your superstars here at SHR! Like anyone,i am anxious to see how she does in Nascar and who knows,maybe she will do better than she did in the IRL.Till then,it's not hate,it's just i don't see anything as yet to be impressed about aside she's definetly better than Rusty Wallaces kid by far!
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Re: Danica @ SHR - 2013

Sat Sep 03, 2011 9:47 pm

michaeljohn wrote:there are a few drivers racing out there that are not cup ready, but there is no outrage to them driving like it is with danica, people wanna hate because its easy to hate, they never recognize the fact she actually has talent, how could anyone with a pretty face actually have talent.............

but they're not racing for SHR either. it isnt hating on Danica. If there is any hate, it is hating on a negative effect it might have on the #39 team.

Re: Danica @ SHR - 2013

Sun Sep 04, 2011 1:14 am

How is Danica going to hurt the 39? Right now that is the most consistent. If she hurts the the 39 that says more about the personel if anythng.
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