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Ganassi ‘heartbroken’ over Montoya and McMurray’s 2011



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Ganassi ‘heartbroken’ over Montoya and McMurray’s 2011

Ganassi ‘heartbroken’ over Montoya and McMurray’s 2011
By Jay Busbee

Look at that photo there. Two gentlemen so happy in their happiness. Chip Ganassi and Jamie McMurray reveling in McMurray's win at the 2010 Brickyard 400. And they though the fine times would never end ...

Oh, what a difference a year can make. McMurray and teammate Juan Pablo Montoya are flailing, with only the barest mathematical chance of making the Chase. And Ganassi is, in his own words, "heartbroken" at how Earnhardt Ganassi's fortunes have turned.

In an interview that aired Tuesday on SPEED's NASCAR Race Hub, Ganassi couldn't contain his disappointment with how a once-promising team now finds itself a lap down.

"We lost our way a bit," he said. "A year ago, we had the best cars. A year ago, we had the best engines ... It's a cycle thing and I'd like to think we're in the bottom of the cycle right now. We have some work to do."

Ganassi absolved both drivers from blame: "It's plain and simple. You can look at the numbers. We're not giving them the equipment they need to be at the front that's equal to the other people's equipment right now. It's our job. Both of our guys are capable of being in the Chase. We just haven't given them the right equipment to do it with. It's on us, believe me."

On the other hand, he's not quite so diplomatic regarding now-departed 42 crew chief Brian Pattie ("I think Brian has a lot of talent, but like a lot of people, there are some places he needs some work") and offers up a quick-and-dirty take on the state of racing today ("It's good. It's good racing. It's #### good racing. It's just #### hard, too.")

Montoya's best chance at a win comes this week at Watkins Glen, while McMurray still has his old pal Talladega on the slate.
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Re: Ganassi ‘heartbroken’ over Montoya and McMurray’s 2011

Feel bad for Jamie,especially after the year he had last season.Juan i never cared for on or off the track,so i'll leave that one alone.Chip i find hard to feel bad for as he still kicks %ss in Indy,but he does make it interesting against the Penske teams.DEI is hardly worth mentioning anymore,as Tony and Kevin said before it happened,w/o Jr. "DEI would be a memory" and they were right! Chip and his organization will turn it around i'm sure of it.

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