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Re: Edwards to gibbs????????

Fri Aug 05, 2011 12:32 pm

I'm probably stepping into territory where I'll be a big target but the point is I want people to think about something. Is Carl Edwards really worth $18,000,000? Here is where I say NO. He doesn't have one cent involved as his sponsors and car owners have seen to that. Yes, I know that is part of the game but what he does have is the guts and talent to drive that car but so do others and they don't earn that kind of money. Now where the money did come in for some of the drivers is was when the racers were young and the families laid everything on the line for those kids to give them a good start. Just ask Tony Stewart and Jeff Gordon about what their families did for them. Most of the guys can thank the media for part of their sucess even if it is negative half the time. Jeff Gordon said once he got used to a microphone as a youngster and that is why he is a good interview. The kid knew his where his bread was buttered. I never was a fan of Jeffs but I have learned to appreciate him as he has gotten older.
Now is Carl worth the $18,000,000? I'm sure I have to change my mind as he is the one who puts his life on the line every race and the boss man still makes the big bucks. Isn't it really how one looks at something? I think so......
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