Post Sun Jun 29, 2014 1:32 pm

Sad to Glad

Moments prior to the race I heard about Tony starting last. Could not believe it! Traditionally, it is very hard to pass that many cars in KY so I was ready for a long night. Then he took off and Smoke was ticking them off one by one. Considering, that was a darn good showing for the #14 team. Very encouraging. Restarts seemed to be the biggest problem but luckily no speeding (at the wrong time) issues!

TNT has so many commercials so I'm grateful that I could put Racebuddy on my laptop and " drive" along with Tony during the constant commercials and the reception problems TNT had during the race. I'll bet that all the drivers woke up this morning with more aches and pains than normal from that bumpy riding! I was feeling it just sitting on my couch!