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Post Thu May 29, 2014 12:24 am

Re: Spaghettio's

ndunn wrote:

I'm sure your right on what was chosen for Kurt to eat. At least when I read he had beet root I didn't think that was thrown in for nothing. I'd like to know what that is for as I doubt I could handle it unless it would save my life. I love beets especially pickled but the root doesn't sound like it's edible.

From what I know ... beet root juice is good for blood flow. I'm gonna take another guess and say the beet root juice did a double-duty - - 1) For all the time Kurt spent sitting ( in F1 race, planes, trains & automobiles and NASCAR race ) it was a safety measure to make sure he did not suffer from any type of blood flow constriction, which could cause cramping or lead to a blood clot .... and 2) If one's blood is flowing nice & healthy ... you feel more energetic.

To solve those problems, you and I could take a host of drugs - OTC or RX and get the relief, but due to NASCAR's ever stricter ban on drugs, I'm guessing the peeps chose to pipe Kurt full of natural products that would do the same thing as drugs or supplements.

I'm not a Dr ... not a nutritionist ... and can't stand Kurt, so I'm not privy to news stories about him & his "team" ... just know a little about beet root juice.

( of all things.... I swear... I've GOT TO stop watching so much learning TV! LOL Dr Oz was touting Beet Root Juice not too long ago, as I recall . I'm turning into the resident Cliff Claven from Cheers! Ha ha ha a)
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Post Thu May 29, 2014 1:23 pm

Re: Spaghettio's

Thanks for the info. I had never heard of beet root but it does make sense because of the sitting and not moving the legs. I think I'll look it up and see what it is all about.

I looked up beet root and it is used for a lot of health things. Blood flow, blood pressure and stamina for starters. So I can see why it was included. Interesting subject.
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